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(attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)

Quick summary of the science  :

The cause of ADHD is unknown.  Recent studies suggest it is related to a disruption of dopamine signalling.  

NB.  There is no blood test which is used to diagnose ADHD - it's perception and subject to bias and the condition is overdiagnosed.    

More posts related the diagnosis of ADHD, as well as tips & strategies to "fix" the underlying bad body chemistry 

Sophisticated neuroimaging technology suggests that “developmentally inappropriate behaviour” is perfectly appropriate, for the stage of brain development. 
The youngest kids in a class are more likely to raise the red flag of ADHD, could the diagnosis be because of a baby brain, not a broken brain.
What happened to being normal – it seems that every other person has SOME kind of mental health problem. The fix…………. a prescription 
Eat a BIG BREAKFAST. The egg part, of that big breakfast delivers a supply of tyrosine to your brain, which helps your brain STOP, stopping ADHD tendencies
As the world move online, green moments are becoming increasingly redundant, but a daily dose of green medicine, is essential for human health
It takes a healthy dose of oxidised cholesterol (oxysterol), to get human embryonic stem cells to grow into dopamine-producing nerve cells.

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