Better Body Chemistry for the aging brain

Stimulate your brain

Caffeine injecting the brain with an energy boost

Caffeine makes you genuinely smarter

Everyone knows caffeine keeps you going – which helps you focus for longer and thus makes you smarter, but caffeine is also helping you to remember.

Two old men playing chess, the one wearing a nicotine patch is winning

The bad habit that helps people in the habit of forgetting things

A nicotine patch, can patch up memory and thinking in old folks suffering from mild cognitive impairment. Should you get “patched up” ?

Older bee playing with baby bees

A bee fix for an aging brain

Remembering important things becomes increasingly difficult for old bees, but a little trickery, can rejuvenate old bee brains so they’re thinking like new.

fuel your brain

Brain that has just stepped off a treadmill sucking up sugar

Feeding the brain in a roundabout way helps you think for longer

Regular exercise helps your brain store more glycogen. Thinking is hard work ! Bigger glycogen stores mean you can potentially think for longer.

Old lady confused because a piece of bread has stollen her keys

Old brains short circuit on high carbohydrate diet

Officially, the brain runs on carbohydrates, but in the elderly at least, too many carbohydrates, in the diet, hasten foggy thinking.

Neuron hunting through a chest looking for a "memory"

Help for when you’re not thinking so clearly

Slowing brains” are hungry brains. Medium chain fatty acids are the perfect snack for hungry brain cells, because they’re quick and easy to use.

enlighten your brain

Torch is being shown on eyes of an old man which is activating his brain

Shine the lights in grandpa’s eyes so he will remember more

The continuous low lighting typical of the convalescent’s room, is hastening their demise, not facilitating their healing.

clean your brain

Estrogen holding a traffic light that has been pulled out of the ground

If you want to stop brain rust – install a red robot

Iron accumulates inside the human body, especially the brain. Iron and oxygen don’t mix……. the combination leads to rusty parts and serious breakdowns

Vitamin D throwing garbage bags over a fence

Vitamin D takes out the rubbish in Alzheimer’s Disease

Vitamin D is involved in normal brain clean up operations but in brain’s besieged by Alzheimer’s, the junk is piling up and vitamin D is in short supply.

Astrocytes sweeping up the dirt in the executive office

Struggling to find a memory ? Maybe your brain just needs a clean up

The world tends to chaos – so every now and again, to keep moving forward, you need to take a moment to CLEAN UP. Your brain NEEDS clean up time too.

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