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 Artificial sweeteners

Quick summary of the science :

Substituting an artificial sweetener sounds like a good idea, but calorie free, does not mean consequence free.  Avoiding /minimizing the use of artificial sweeteners, will help create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY.

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“There is no such thing as a free lunch” applies to the world of artificial sweetners. Titillating those taste buds doesn’t DO IT for the brain.
Diet cold drinks are an easy way cut calories, BUT as you diligently cut those calories in your favourite drink, you inadvertently load up the alcohol levels.
For some people at least, the price of a sweet tasting, low calorie snack, is much higher than a few calories here or there – the price is their health.
There is no such thing as a free lunch. Could the widespread use of artificial sweeteners be contributing to the obesity and diabetes epidemic ? Maybe.
You don’t want junior to be overweight, so you opt for low calorie foods but young brains aren’t too good at calorie maths and can end up being wired to overeat.
When you use an artificial sweetener, your body is expecting sugar calories. But there aren’t any – it’s false advertising. This deceit leads to insulin resistance

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