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Quick summary of the science  :

People with asthma have inflamed airways which are sensitive to things which may not bother other people.  Asthma is not so much "treated" as it is "controlled".  Control begins with avoiding triggers and lowering the level of inflammation in the body.

Posts helping identify and manage asthma triggers and tips & strategies that will reduce lung inflammation.

Inhaled steroids, such as budesnoide, help open up the airways of asthmatic kids allowing them to breathe easier, but they work better in the vit D sufficient
If exercise tends to leave you breathless – try creating better body chemistry with an extra helping of vitamin C.
The bugs in the air are doing more than simply riding the airways in and out of our lungs. They’re keeping the immune system in check, stopping asthma.
Heavier folks, breathe in more FRESH AIR, but more air in, also means more pollutants enter the lungs. Those more pollutants, cause more irritation....
Danish scientists calculated human dust, created from shed skin cells, is able to reduce ozone levels by 2 – 15 % in homes and day care centres so shake it off.
If your family has a predisposition to asthma, ditch the anti-septic soaps and GET A DOG. It sounds counter intuitive….DOGS = DIRT, but its good dirt.

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