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Genius depends on good genes and experiences. Stories have the ability to transport little ones into virtual worlds.
What baby is wearing matters - diapers, affect infant walking because they load up the legs, making getting mobile a lot HARDER.  
You’re doing everything you can, to help your little one learn. Everything ? You might be overlooking something very simple….. your baby’s posture.
The aim of the game, to feed your toothless wonder, mushed up food on a spoon. Spooning it in – ensures your little one grows up BIG, real BIG.
When junior is being introduced to solids, fish pate is probably not on the menu, but it should be, because going gaga for fish brings life long heatlh benefits
Every Mom, rich or poor, wants to provide her little one with the best start possible. An egg a day, will give baby a great start and prevent stunting
If your family has a predisposition to asthma, ditch the anti-septic soaps and GET A DOG. It sounds counter intuitive….DOGS = DIRT, but its good dirt.
Babies are tuned in – your baby is able to pick up on your emotional state and responds accordingly. Your stress is contagious, so you need to manage it.
A visit to the doctor is potentially a health hazard, what starts as a well child visit in week one, often morphs to a visit for flu-like symptoms 2 weeks later
What if childhood obesity has nothing to do with food ? What if it begins in the doctor’s rooms ? Specifically with antibiotic prescriptions in the under twos
The amount of iron in human breast milk, is deliberately kept low. The amount of iron in baby formula, is deliberately high. This mismatch has consequences.
If you’re dealing with the stress of getting junior his/her shots, a little sugar BEFORE the injection will minimize the wailing for both of you.

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