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 Better Body Chemistry in the bathroom

Tips & strategies to be "healthy" in the bathroom

no soap required

Rub a dub dub – your kid is SPARKLING CLEAN. Too clean ? Maybe. The SPARKLING CLEAN kids are full of cleaning chemicals and allergies.
Folks who have detectable levels of triclosan, are a lot more likely to be colonized by Staphylococcus aureus, putting them at an increased risk, of a serious infection.
Lathering up with soap as you rub and scrub to get clean may result in you washing away more than just the dirt, you could be washing your freshly produced vitamin D down the drain.

keep those stress levels down

High humidity can be devastating for chemicals, of course, the rooms with the highest humidity, are where we typically store our vitamins and things.
If you’re typical, then your weight fluctuates during the week, you will be heaviest after the weekend and lightest on Friday. Use this info to your advantage.
The idea of cleaning things out is inherently appealing, getting rid of the old junk in your garage or your life, is useful.   So should you clean your colon ?

keep the urine flowing

You can exercise a little during the day, to keep you and your prostate gland in shape. Or you can exercise at night, as you run to the bathroom to pee.
E.coli is usually the perpetrator of urinary tract infections in women, science reveals a little cranberry juice can “unstick” and “wash” them out. 
A urinary tract infection is definitely unpleasant. But, before you reach for the antibiotic, you might want to try something really simple.
Fun fact
Just a quick swish swish in a cup. Some spinning, shaking and baking in the lab and out pops, a new kidney or a coronary artery. Stem cells are in our pee.
Avoid mouth wash
Swooshing, stops the conversion of nitrate to nitrite by the bacteria living in your mouth – since nitrite help dilate blood vessels, your blood pressure rises
Ask your bladder
Need to make a very important decision, then don't just rely on your brain, tap into the unique bladder brain connection and make a "better" decision.

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