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 Better Body Chemistry in the bedroom

Tips & strategies to be "healthy" in the bedroom

Read a little fiction

You’re not just reading that novel ….. you’re living it. Bedtime stories activate the region of the brain associated with sensations in the body.

From a real book

Electronic devices spit blue light. Since………… light is something that in nature, is a morning thing, you’re more likely to have trouble falling asleep.

Tidy up first

If you want to have sweet dreams, set yourself up by ensuring your brain receives only pleasant odours during the night.

Turn off.....

the electronics

If you want to avoid a sleepless night, you need melatonin to tuck you into bed, but your night valet is technophobic – so dim that mobile device at bedtime.

The dog

If SLEEP eludes you, do a head count of who is in the bedroom. Sharing your bedroom with your pets, can end up impacting the quality of your sleep.

and the snoring

Wearing compression stockings during the day, reduces fluid build up in the neck at night which results in fewer apneas per hour of sleep in sufferers of sleep apnea.

Don't drink too little

An overloaded rectum squishes the bladder, decreasing its’ holding capacity, which leads to the uncontrolled voiding of urine during the night.  

Fluff up the pillow

As you lay your head to rest, you are banging heads and rubbing noses, with a few million mycelious associates. The average pillow contains a million fungi.

Sleep together

Mom’s are hormonally designed to be caring and Dad’s are, well MANLY. Actually, Mother Nature has made a plan to bring out the gentler side of things in Dads.

Bedroom decor

Ban pills on the nightstand
As you get a little older and more bits don’t quite work properly, the collection of pills on the bedside table begins piling up. Those pills can be deadly.
rock a bye baby from the treetops
We rock babies to sleep but as grown ups we graduate from the swaying crib to a rigid padded board – ever wondered why as adults we ditch the moving bed ?
Beware of old furniture
Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite. This is something that is a lot easier said than done because bed bugs don’t obey the genetic rules

Watch the light

That night light may not be protecting your child from the boogeyman – if the light is not red, it is aligned with the boogeyman.
You want to decrease the risk of breast cancer, not just detect it early, since being exposed to light at night, ups the risk, be sure to sleep IN THE DARK
You’re a regular Jo, most nights, you climb into bed and ……………you’re off to dreamland. Sleep issues don’t explain your weight problems. Not so fast…….

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