Be warned having a sweet tooth can bee a killer

bee beggingDo you suffer with a sweet tooth ? Slipping one teaspoon of sugar into that cup of coffee is not enough to tantilize you taste buds, you need two, three or four. caffeine

Bees also like sweet things….  Bees love shooo – gar.  Just like humans, bees are programmed to seek out sweet things, to charge up their batteries for day-to-day living.

Flowers know this and lure these busy little creatures into their “shop” so to speak, by serving up sugar loaded beverages with a hint of caffeine.

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A bee fix for an aging brain

old bee in a rocking chairHas your brain gone into retirement ?  No doubt about it, the more birthdays you’ve celebrated, the more brain bits give up working optimally.

Fancy imaging technologies will verify the deficits are routed in biological changes and are not just psychological. Even old healthy brains show wiring changes…..

But old brains can bee “fixed”.

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Bee kisses beat fancy creams at healing nasty wounds

woung being kissed by a beeYou’ve got a nasty wound….. it is radiating heat and hurts like hell, you’re concerned it is going to leave you with a permanent reminder of the misadventure.  It needs some special attention.

The most cost effective strategy is not going to be one of those proprietary creams, promising the earth, packaged in a tiny sterile tube, on the pharmacy shelf.  The cheapest wound healer is something you’ll find in a bottle, on the local supermarket shelf. The sticky, rather tasty goo, known as honey, is the ultimate wound fixer.

The wound healing powers of honey are not just an old wives tale, science says it’s good for all sorts of abrasions and burns too.

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Caffeine helps create sweet memories

caffeine being gifted by a flower tnFor bees.  And what is good for bee brains, is likely to apply to human brains too .

Up until now – the fuss about caffeine has centred around caffeine’s ability to improve productivity.  But that cup of coffee, is not just getting those muscles buzzing, it also creates memories.

Sweet memories.

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Caffeine can increase bee productivity

Tbee begginghe alarm rings, you reluctantly roll out of bed. Flat, listless, in a bit of a dwaal. On automatic pilot you hit the switch to boil the water, add a very large spoon of instant coffee to your favourite mug. Bleary eyed, you carefully sip the steaming cup of coffee. Slowly you come alive, within a few minutes the morning fog has cleared. You body and brain are good to go courtesy of mother nature’s nootropic.  Caffeine the ultimate brain booster.

Turns out humans are not the only ones enjoying the brain boosting, mood lifting powers of the caffeine molecule.

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Bee warned bees only work the day shift in the land of the midnight sunbee taking a break

Just because you have an electric light which effectively creates 24 hour days, doesn’t mean you should work 24/7 to build your “colony”.

The work of collecting pollen – bees flitting from one flower to another are doing more than just topping up their tank, by sipping the sweet nectar, they’re loading up the pollen sacs to take home.  Pollen is bee money.

It keeps the bee hive maintenance crew on the job, so the hive is cool and clean, plus it feeds her royal highness, the queen and her enormous brood.  Just as more money means more, in the human world. More pollen, means more in the bee world too.

More sun, more pollen, richer bees ?

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