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7 December 2023

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The objective of the meeting was to discuss the importance of eggs for eye health and debunk the misconception that eggs are bad for the heart due to their cholesterol content.


  • Dr. Sandy explained that the retina, which allows us to see detail, needs specific nutrients to stay healthy, and eggs contain a chemical called lutein that is important for eye health.
  • The advice to avoid saturated fat, including eggs, may not be beneficial for eye health, as lutein is found in eggs and is essential for the retina.
  • The macula, a layer on top of the retina, acts as a screen protector for the cells that pick up light and can be strengthened by consuming lutein.
  • The macular pigment optical density, which measures the thickness of the screen protector, can vary among individuals, and a thicker macular pigment provides better protection.
  • The best source of lutein is eggs, as the chemical is more bioavailable in eggs compared to other sources like spinach.
  • Studies have shown that consuming two to four eggs per week is associated with a lower risk of macular degeneration, and there is no conclusive evidence that higher egg consumption is harmful.

Action Items

  • Encourage people to include eggs in their diet for eye health.
  • Educate individuals about the importance of lutein and the benefits of consuming eggs.
  • Dispel the misconception that eggs are bad for heart health due to their cholesterol content.

Closing Remarks

Dr. Sandy thanked Jean for attending the meeting. She expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to discuss the importance of eggs for eye health and emphasized the need to challenge the prevailing beliefs about eggs and cholesterol. 

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