Quick summary of the science :

Mother Nature knows it’s hard to get such a big head, down such a narrow passage – so she has built in, lots of biology to make it easier.  Unfortunately, a lot of modern birth practices, interfere with these mechanisms.

The goal should be to be to access Mother Nature’s birthing toolkit, as much as possible

Women with a hot water bottle balance on her belly during labour and pain nerve signaling to the brain

Include a hot water bottle and an ice pack in your labour bag

The idea of using temperature to relieve pain, is not new. Strategic use of hot and cold, is the recipe for a pain free-er birth…. It’s simple. It’s safe. It works.

Baby contemplating the exit tunnel

Make sure gravity is on your delivery team

When you’re lying in a bed, the birth canal becomes a hole………………… not a tunnel. Dropping through a hole is a lot easier, than wiggling through a tunnel.

Oxytocin assisting during the birthing process

Synthetic oxytocin makes becoming a Mom easier but being a Mom harder

When synthetic oxytocin is injected into the blood, it struggles to penetrate Mom’s brain – it needs to be in the brain, to prepare you for motherhood.

Stork visiting a pregnant women

The stork should be deciding when your baby arrives

You’re ready to deliver, the date is set …………… and then NOTHING. Maybe the NOTHING is a sign, your baby is not ready, some babies need 37 more days to develop.

Enzymes patching up baby just before birth

The final touches happen in the last weeks before birth

Mother Nature waits till the end, to add the finishing touches, these finishing touches ensure the baby makes the transition from the womb, to world, smoothly.

Economics professor contemplating the cost of early births

It’s thirty nine weeks, time to get the show on the road

A baby is considered “done” by the 39th week of a pregnancy and BIG enough to be born. But, when it comes to babies….bigger is better.

Baby high fiving Mom at birth

Delivery room wins require skin in the game

All things being equal, babies who experience skin-to-skin contact with Mom in the delivery room are more likely to be, breast feeders.

Iron making it's way from the placenta to baby after birth

Why it’s important to cut the cord ON TIME

Mother Nature knows, babies need lots of iron, so she provides a little stash of iron deep inside the placenta, cutting the cord early, cuts baby’s supply.

Melatonin helping to push baby out

Turn down the lights during labour to get more push

Melatonin is normally associated with getting you ready for bed, not babies, but he is an important part of the delivery room team – assuming he shows up.

Bacteria welcoming baby at birth

Babies who arrive via c-section arrive programmed to be fat

Babies who arrive by c-section, avoid the PAIN but GAIN a lot more bacteria which belong to the Firmicutes family. And these are the “fat” bacteria.

Nurse offering a women in labour some ice cubes to suck

Blast from the past keeps women sucking ice cubes in labour

You’re going to find it easier to get the job done, if you’re properly fuelled and it won’t do you any harm, so pack a protein shake in your labour bag.

Sweat and tears being mixed into breast milk

Germ free milk is not good medicine

Manufacturers proudly proclaim that box of milk you’re buying on the supermarket shelf is germ free, but germ free is not the way Mother Nature serves it up.

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