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 Better Body Chemistry for Hypertensives

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When a heart attack strikes, the nitric oxide battery is the key to calming the panic and getting oxygen to the tissue minimizing damage. To charge your battery - move.
If you have stiffened blood vessels i.e. cardiovascular disease – try a dose the sunshine vitamin (vitamin D) to get them curling and twisting around.
Your blood pressure is UP. Your instinct says, this CAN be fixed, with a little sun, sea and surf. You’re half right. All you need is the sun, to destress.
Rigorous exercise in bed can give the blood pressure a rise, but it’s the tormented tossing and turning which denies SWS sleep, that really causes BP to climb.
So get tralla lala laling. Singing together means breathing together. And breathing is good for the nerves, which is good for the heart.
Volunteering might be just the thing you need to loosen up those “tight” blood vessels. Not metaphorically speaking, literally.
The environment in which blood pressure is measured before diagnosing or eliminating hypertension impacts on the numbers for greyhound dogs (and humans).
If you put on the running shoes and jiggled up and down, you would get the blood flowing but a good laugh does the same thing without the sweat and tears.
We all have them – people that make us hot under the collar……….. being near them is bad for your body chemistry. The solution, BE ANGRY.
Harvard researchers show red meat is “okay” provided you’re following the example of nature’s carnivores – i.e. eating meat in an unprocessed form.
Planning to retire to the coast ? You may want to rethink your retirement plans. To avoid heart troubles you want to move UP in the world, not down.
Heart disease arises when the cells lining your blood vessels, lose their groove. But you can give them back their groove by listening to music.

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