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Brain Washing Workshop 

15 February 2024

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Here are the cliffnotes

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  • The benefits of deep sleep were discussed, including its impact on cognitive function and alertness. It was noted that deep sleep is not controlled by the circadian rhythm and can occur during the day or night. However, entering deep levels of sleep during daytime naps can be difficult.
  • The waste problem in the brain, particularly in relation to Alzheimer’s disease, was explored. The accumulation of amyloid beta protein in perivascular spaces and impaired functioning of astrocytes were highlighted as contributing factors. This waste accumulation and poor clearance were identified as a vicious cycle in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  • The impact of waste accumulation on cognitive functioning was emphasized. It was stated that shortchanging oneself on sleep leads to increased waste accumulation, and six to eight hours of sleep are needed to clear the waste backlog. The accumulation of waste was identified as affecting cognitive functioning, particularly in diseases like Alzheimer’s.
  • Techniques to relax and improve lymphatic system function were mentioned, including lying on the floor with feet up and anything that relaxes and improves blood flow.

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During the presentation I shared that each heartbeat sends a wave that travels through your arteries to your brain, moving the walls of these vessels. The stiffer these walls are, due to high blood pressure, the less efficient this wave and, consequently, the cleansing flow becomes. Here is a link to resources that will help you IMPROVE DELIVERIES.

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For the geeks among you, here are some of the references I used to tell the Brain Washing story.



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