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Traditionally it's been seen as the most important meal of the day.  It probably is.  But what you have for breakfast is super important too.  And a bowl of Coco Pops washed down with a glass of orange juice, is unlikely to be a recipe to create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY and better health.


Posts sharing the benefits of breakfast and what to eat to create the best BODY CHEMISTRY early in the morning

Altering WHEN food is around, creates better body chemistry, which helps trapped egg princesses escape the tyranny of their androgen oppressor in PCOS
When it comes to intermittent fasting, the feeling is do breakfast, don’t do breakfast - it doesn’t matter just shorten the eating window. It matters if you’re diabetic.
Traditionally oats came as flakes, now days, they often come as flour – the benefit, they’re faster to prepare, but they’re also faster to assimilate and this, matters
The 250 mg of cholesterol in egg WILL send cholesterol levels through the roof – so oatmeal is best. When tested head-2-head, surprisingly eggs trump oatmeal.
Stomach capacity is determined by the stomach’s CLOCK. So, if your stomach can’t do breakfast, your stomach is in a different time zone to the rest of you.
Cereal boxes are positioned so that their spokes “character” makes eye contact with your kids. And catching their eye, makes YOU more likely to BUY.
From start to finish, breakfast can be done in 10 minutes. Make it a priority. Breakfast eating kids are smarter than breakfast skippers.
Eat a BIG BREAKFAST. The egg part, of that big breakfast delivers a supply of tyrosine to your brain, which helps your brain STOP, stopping ADHD tendencies
Good news, science has found a way to include chocolate cake and other delicious munchies into a DIET programme without sacrificing weight loss. The secret....have it for breakfast.


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