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 Breast milk

Quick summary of the science  :

Breast milk really is the perfect food.  We should be talking about the RISKS of not breast feeding, rather than the BENEFITS of breast feeding. A formula fed baby misses out on vital ingredients, while at the same time, being exposed to "foreign" substances and/or inappropriate levels of components.

The goal should be to breast feed, if you can't, opt to not use a soy based formula

Tucked away inside Mom, a baby is germ free. But once they move out into the REAL WORLD, the situation changes and who moves in, MATTERS.
Moms are sending genetic messages to their baby’s immune system via their breast milk, they’re teaching it the ABCs, so that is knows exactly how to behave.
Manufacturers proudly proclaim that box of milk you’re buying on the supermarket shelf is germ free, but germ free is not the way Mother Nature serves it up.  
The secret to raising a child that loves eating vegetables is to eat lots of vegetables when nursing because flavour preferences are created before 6 months
Breast milk contains around 1000-10 000 bacteria / per ml. So where do the bacteria come from ? YOUR GUT. Surprised ?  
If you can, strive to breast feed your little one. The ingredients packaged in breast milk are able to protect against some really nasty bugs, including HIV.
Being a smooth talker requires a super fit mouth – breastfeeding gives your baby’s mouth a muscle building workout, but dummy sucking leaves the mouth slothful
Sleep deprived new Moms think “switching” to formula, especially for the night feed, helps keep baby satisfied and sleeping. Research shows they’re mistaken…
Breast milk is filled with all the nutrients a developing human needs. But, not all the nutrients in this SUPERFOOD are things that junior can use.
The sex hormones are involved in tweaking brain development, turning a baby’s brain into a little girl brain. The phytoestrogens in soy, disturb this process.
A baby being fed soy-based formula is being exposed to 13 000 – 22 000 times more “estrogen” than normal, at a time when the brain and body is still developing.
The amount of iron in human breast milk, is deliberately kept low. The amount of iron in baby formula, is deliberately high. This mismatch has consequences.

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