Brown adipose tissue (BAT cells)

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Brown Adipose Tissue

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brown v white fat cell
The hunt is on to find the environmental and chemical signals that will help usher in a fat cell cultural revolution. Mandla ! Mandla ! Brown fat cells rule !
Mice who receive a FAT transplant become OBESITY RESISTANT – this means, the little critters can eat what they like and never get fat. I want that….

cold shoulder fi
Cold sweats and cold baths both burn calories, but cold baths trump cold sweats – so if you’re up to it, a cold bath is a cool way to burn those extra calories
The extra weight gained during winter is attributed to us eating lots and moving little, as we huddle inside but lack of huddling may be the actual problem.

orexin deficient
Instead of blaming your weight troubles on all the extra white fat cells you’re sporting, maybe you should be lamenting your shortage of brown fat cells.
Loneliness is associated with ill health. Could it also be contributing to obesity ? We need social interaction, not social media.
Every morning, just before dawn, brown fat cells burn sugar, to warm you up. They’ll do it, even if you’re insulin resistant, as long as they’re there.

Going to Siberia to burn fat
Despite the concerted effort, the scale beams at you, you’re just as fat this week, as last week. What is wrong with YOU ? Maybe you’re BAT deficient.

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