Better body chemistry for carnivores

better body chemistry for carnivores


Real men need real meat to avoid heart disease

cave man meatAncient man, was definitely carnivorous – he resorted to veggies and things only when times were tough.

Most modern humans aspire to be carnivorous, but the health gurus are always admonishing them to eat less meat and eat more veggies and things. In fact, meat, particularly red meat, is seen as a ticket for some kind of catastrophic cardiac event.

So what is the real story.

As with most things, the truth of the matter lies somewhere between the extremes.

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Sausages beat up your heart but steak is heart neutral

sausage punching heartYou’ve heard the mantra – eating red meat causes cardiovascular disease. You probably believe that science has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that a juicy steak is a heart attack waiting to happen. But the science has actually been contradictory.

Now research coming out of Harvard School of Public Health, suggests the standard health advice to avoid red meat, might have been seriously flawed.

All meat is not created equal. When researchers analyzed the data on “red meat” consumption based on the degree it has been processed – new disease patterns emerged.

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Please sir my MORs want a little MORE

protein knocks down the endorphinsAre you trying to keep your appetite in check through willpower ?

Let’s face it – this approach is do-able, but DIFFICULT.

Generally speaking you can keep it going for a while, maybe long enough to fit into that special dress for a significant occasion.

But overriding your body’s hunger drive using psychology, is hard work and probably doomed to eventual failure. This is why yo-yo dieting is the norm, not the exception. It’s much easier if you use a little body chemistry, to keep your appetite in check .

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You need to eat meat NOT potatoes to get your vitamin B12 fix

vitamin B12 being carried by animla proteinVitamins, you know you need them and worry (with a little help from the media), that you may not be getting enough of all of them.

You may be taking a daily multi-vitamin, just to be safe . But multi-vitamins don’t always deliver all the goodies needed e.g. omega-3 is typically absent or they deliver them, but in excess of what you really need.

The vitamin that many people may be missing out on, is cobalamin, better known as Vitamin B12. In the case of vitamin B12, shortages are rarely about “bad” eating habits per se . Most of the time, the shortage of vitamin B12, arises because the vitamin B12 “package” is not being delivered.

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In the big scheme of things the human brain is a meat eater

meat eating brain steaks aheadThe health gurus like to tell us to cut out the meat . Going vegetarian is often advocated as a health option, but it doesn’t make sense, in the big scheme of things.

Researchers from Lund University in Sweden embarked on a study which compared the dietary habits, brain size and baby feeding patterns of 70 mammalian species. Man was one of the mammals included in this study. The study began by classifying the animals in terms of whether they ate meat or not. To be considered carnivorous, a species needed to obtain at least 20 % of its energy content from meat.

Based on this classification system….

Carnivores include ferrets , racoons, panthers, killer whales and non-vegetarian humans.

Our nearest neighbours, from an evolutionary perspective, the great apes, failed to make the cut – gorillas, orangatans and chimpanzees were classified either as herbivores or omnivores.

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