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 Better Body Chemistry for "fat" kids

Videos related to childhood obesity

Tips & strategies to help kids with weight problems

Recognize there is a problem

A quick glance is all it takes to see little rolls of fat and a protruding belly, but parents often can’t see THE FAT because being fat is the new normal
Research suggests the average young person’s body chemistry is whacked, making their future health picture pretty bleak since bad body chemistry always shows.
You want your child to eat wholesome nutritious food, so that they grow up healthy and skinny, but demanding it, is unlikely to work in the long run.

It's not just about eating less and moving more

Babies who arrive by c-section, avoid the PAIN but GAIN a lot more bacteria which belong to the Firmicutes family. And these are the “fat” bacteria.
Obesity is a BIG problem, BAD eating habits and lack of exercise are contributers to the problem, but as the crisis unfolds, many believe there is more to it.
What if childhood obesity has nothing to do with food ? What if it begins in the doctor’s rooms ? Specifically with antibiotic prescriptions in the under twos
Many kids view going to sleep as some kind of punishment – whining and wailing to stay up a little longer. Do you give in to “keep the peace” ?
If you’re raising a little hefa-lump, check their vitamin D status in addition to cutting out the sweets etc. Fat kids are usually short of vitamin D
There is no disputing this – fat kids do move a lot less than thin kids. But is looks like health gurus are muddling up cause and consequence.
And muscle flops ....... are on the road to a lifetime of weight troubles, because they hate to move.
Many fat children (and fat adults too), will tell you, “I really don’t eat THAT MUCH”. To which the response is ........ “Yeah..... right”, but they are right.
Moms who impose an early BEDTIME and then become THE ENFORCER can protect their little one from becoming a childhood obesity statistic.

Eating does matter....

The aim of the game, to feed your toothless wonder, mushed up food on a spoon. Spooning it in – ensures your little one grows up BIG, real BIG
Clean your plate talk probably doesn’t turn your child into a vegetable lover, instead it turns them into a heffa lump.
You don’t want junior to be overweight, so you opt for low calorie foods but young brains aren’t too good at calorie maths and can end up being wired to overeat.
It’s got nothing to do with dietary habits, meal time routines, frequency of family meals, time spent watching TV or physical activity, the problem is….late dinners
Despite much vocal opposition, you’ve managed to convert the family to low fat milk. But the thin kids aren’t doing low fat, they’re drinking full fat milk.  
There is ALWAYS room for dessert. ALWAYS. Dessert is eaten, because it tastes good, not because of hunger. By serving dessert with dinner – hunger rules.

Genes matter....but they aren't DESTINY

A bigger insulin response makes for bigger kids – being bigger can be an advantage, but being too big i.e. getting fat, isn’t. Insulin response is the key

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