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 Better Body Chemistry for Chocoholics

Tips & strategies for chocoholics

chocolate is good for you

So boil the kettle and sip on some hot chocolate today, ………………….. your fat cells will appreciate it.
Health gurus generate long lists of “FORBIDDEN FRUITS”. But the rules have been rewritten, chocolate is now officially on the allowed list.
The first thing to say is - you need to satisfy your pleasure need. Depriving yourself, sets you up for BAD BEHAVIOUR. This is why diets fail.............

chocolate  can be fattening

Health gurus are always telling you to cut nice things out of your life, if you like sweet things, chocolate may be one way you can have your “cake” and eat it.
The single serve package is just an innocent pleasure, but the bite size morsel causes a dopamine spike bringing very pleasurable feelings, so you have another.
Dark chocolate is a gift from the gods and should be marketed as a health food. It tastes fabulous, is full of anti-oxidants and is an appetite suppressant

so enjoy chocolate wisely

Formally designing a little ceremony around your chocolate eating, will make the chocolate taste a whole lot better and this will make chocolate better for you
If you’re going to indulge – do it “right”. For a mug of steaming hot chocolate, this means avoiding the red mug and going with orange or cream.
If you’re in the habit of reaching for a chocolate fix, more often than you would like – RUN an errand and flatten the chocolate NEED.

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