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 Better Body Chemistry for  high cholesterol

Your cholesterol level is going to move up and down during the course of the day, the week, the month, the year. In winter it will be at its highest.
The details are still a little fuzzy but insulin is definitely part of the story of atherosclerotic plaque formation in the carotid artery.
If you want to avoid a cardiac event you need to do more than lower LDL, you need to keep sugar levels in check as sugar turns  LDL into a sticky glob.
Statins are prescribed to  protect people from heart attacks. But, statins can go on the offensive and attack skeletal muscles by ripping them open
It takes a healthy dose of oxidised cholesterol (oxysterol), to get human embryonic stem cells to grow into dopamine-producing nerve cells.
The fatty acid implicated in health troubles is palmitoleic acid. A diet high in carbs, raises their levels, a diet high in saturated fats, keeps them low.
A special non-stick layer, known as the glycocalyx, prevents things from sticking to the sides of blood vessels. When it’s not there, atherosclerosis happens.
Substituting vegetable oils for saturated fat, definitely lowers your cholesterol levels. But does this protect your from heart disease ? In a word – NO.
Bacteria need iron to grow, so iron levels are ALWAYS kept low, except during STRESSFUL moments, when iron is made available……. bacteria come out to play
Bad body chemistry creates the mess. It is unfortunate, but not a disaster, because the liver dispatches HDL particles, to bring the superfluous cholesterol back to base
When cholesterol levels are TOO low, sugar levels rise, because, the uptake of sugar, depends on cholesterol. Too much sugar is the real cause heart disease.
High cholesterol is seen as the kiss of death..... If your LDL level has crept up, a little – IT MUST BE BROUGHT DOWN. Well maybe, maybe not.

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