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Zero-2-One E-course

You've tried lots of weight loss plans.u00a0 Most of them work, in the short term at least, but they are not sustainable.u00a0 Youu2019re tired of the hype and ready to lose those extra pounds ONCE AND FOR ALL.u00a0 You want REAL SCIENCE, not empty promises.u00a0 The Zero-to-one E-course will introduce you to biology based tips & strategies, taken from scientific journals.u00a0 Youu2019ll get one actionable tip a day, in the form of an easy to assimilate graphic, with an option to go deeper into the science, should you wish.u00a0 Weu2019ll cover a lot more than u201ceat less & move moreu201d. Tips include how to activate your gravitostat, the best way to pay for your groceries and what cutlery to use.u00a0 Youu2019ve got nothing to lose, but a few extra pounds.
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The Carb Pass LookBook

Your sugar levels are shifting higher.u00a0 Youu2019re not yet diabetic, but you are going there slowly, and youu2019re terrified.u00a0 Youu2019ve googled for answers and established that eating CARBS is a problem.u00a0 Youu2019re ready to eat differently, but NO CARBS is not something youu2019re willing to contemplate.u00a0 The prospect of a life without carbs feels OVERWHELMING. u00a0u00a0And your family is NOT GOING to buy into this.u00a0 What if I told you, you could use biology, to keep carbs on the plate ?u00a0 Some carbs.u00a0 Eating a big slice of chocolate cake and washing it down with a soda, when youu2019re metabolically challenged, is a fantasy ! But a couple of small tweaks to how you do things, can keep the pasta, bread and potato on the plate u2013 if you know how. u00a0u00a0In the CARB PASS, u00a0Iu2019ll show youu2026u2026u2026..10 and a half ways to lower the sugar hit of your favourite carbs, NATURALLY !u00a0
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3 months in "The LAB"

The Better Body Chemistry community is for ACTION takers.u00a0 People who are ready to roll up their sleeves and do the work to create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY and BETTER HEALTH. u00a0They want the assurance that they are using scientifically validated strategies, both natural and drug based options, to optimize THEIR HEALTH. u00a0Theyu2019re looking for more than the u201cEAT LESS & MOVE MOREu201du00a0 advice. They want support, accountability and insightsu00a0 as they navigate their health journey. u00a0Included in the membership : Ask Dr Sandy calls, Accountability, Workshops, Challenges. It's run on the Heartbeat app so you can still access it from your phone without it being ANOTHER Facebook group to overwhelm you (or for you to ignore ud83dude02).
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