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Quick summary of the science  :

The  activities of the human body, from metabolism to gene expression, don’t run at the same speed or intensity throughout the day. Biochemical reaction rates cycle through peaks and low troughs, driven in large part by the body’s internal clock as well as individual clocks in different tissues. A growing body of research suggests that synchronizing "treatmens" with a patient's body clock improves both the effectiveness and safety of the treatment. Chronotherapy focuses on administering interventions at the ideal time.

Blog posts related to the timing of drugs, supplements and exercise.  Getting the timing "right" will help you create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY and better health

Anti-psychotics make you fat. Here is a relatively safe do-it-yourself option, that may help to minimize the weight gain and metabolic disturbances
When you pop a melatonin pill, a couple of hours before bed, melatonin crashes your dinner party – negatively impacting glycemic control, increasing your odds of diabetes
Looking for a bit of a pick me up but you’re on a tight budget ? Just take a walk PERIOD, it will clear your memory and stop sinking thinking
The time you want your blood pressure to be LOW, is not when you’ve visiting your doctor, you need it to be low, when you’re SLEEPING. 
The time of the day, you want to stop platelet MOBBING is FIRST THING IN THE MORNING. To do this, you should be taking aspirin with dinner, NOT breakfast.
The “love” of things NATURAL, is hardwired into the human brain. Young and old, rich and poor benefit from green medicine. So do babes in the womb.

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