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 Better Body Chemistry for Coffee lovers

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The use of caffeine is self-regulating – when you start to swing from the ceiling, you’ve had one cup too many, so STOP !
Adding a mega dose of caffeine to your post workout ritual, will speed up the glycogen reload of your muscles significantly.
Turns out humans are not the only ones enjoying the brain boosting, mood lifting powers of the caffeine molecule. Bees appear to also enjoy the benefits of a sip or two of caffeine.
Everyone knows caffeine keeps you going – which helps you focus for longer and thus makes you smarter, but caffeine is also helping you to remember
Despite the fact that a cup of joe, drop kicks a little glucose into the system it protects from diabetes. Scientists think they know why ....... hormones.
Humans can’t live on caffeine alone, but bacteria with a special enzyme package can. No need to be too jealous, caffeine on its own is pretty awful.
To get a bee working for you requires bribery and sweet memories. Flowers in the know, use caffeine to encourage bees to remember. So to manufacturers.
Don’t retire the java habit when you hit retirement age – a dose of caffeine is still able to give tired old muscles a powerful lift too
Did you know climate change could make the coffee plant, Coffea arabica, E-X-T-I-N-C-T. NO MORE COFFEE – ouch ! NO MORE CAFFE LATTE – double ouch !
Caffeine in your pee is providing a little stimulation for the wildlife, while acting as a marker for human pollution of waterways supplanting coliform counts
Muscles can run on low octane or high octane fuel. To use the high octane stuff, it must be transported in – caffeine wheels it in, helping you go-go.
The good news is that you might not actually need to drink coffee to wake-up the brain, just savouring the aroma can trigger a brain buzzing response.

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