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fat kid compass


Mom’s guiding tool

Introducing the Childhood Obesity



a unique FUN navigational tool designed for moms embarking on the complex journey of managing childhood obesity.

Each letter in C.O.M.P.A.S.S. stands for a critical aspect of understanding and addressing this challenge.

Together, they form a comprehensive approach to not only educate but also empower mothers with actionable strategies. By focusing on these key areas, moms can guide their children towards healthier habits and make informed decisions that contribute to their family’s well-being




Choices in Nutrition

Use the Batman strategy to encourage better food choices among young children




Overcoming Myths

Debunk the myth that skim milk is always the healthier option for overweight children.




Meal TIME management

Optimize your family’s meal schedule to sync with natural body rhythms.




Portion Awareness

Teach your child to tune into their satiety signals.




Autonomy in Eating

Empower intuitive eating in your child.




Strategies beyond exercise

overweight kids being forced to exercise

Discover why more movement is often a misleading solution to combating childhood obesity.




Surprising side effects

allergy meds fi

Uncover how your child’s allergy meds could be contributing to THE PROBLEM.




Get this set of 4 habit trackers you can use to motivate your kids (or you) to drink those sugar laden beverages WITH MEALS.