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 Dine don't graze

If you eat, when you should be asleep, the enzymes contracted to work the night shift clock in for work, but they don’t do the work, so fat burning ceases.
Stomach capacity is determined by the stomach’s CLOCK. So, if your stomach can’t do breakfast, your stomach is in a different time zone to the rest of you.
Stay away from fat and nibble all day – lots of small meals, at regular intervals, are the key to weight management. WRONG !
Seems that frequent religious participation is not just feeding people spiritually, they’re feeding their bellies, leading to middle age obesity.
Modern youth are abandoning the kitchen table and deserting the TV – meal time is spent socializing with a thousand good friends on facebook
The darkness of the “night” has been displaced by “the light”. So what happens if you stick a couple of mice into this lighted paradise. Well in a simple word – OBESITY !
The health guru recipe for healthy living is to eat lots of small meals throughout the day, but grazing continuously actually stops you from burning fat.
Human biology runs on a schedule. Modern living, disrupts this schedule. A TRF see food diet, puts metabolism back on schedule – so fat fails to accumulate.
Stuck in the warm dark gut, your gut microflora depend on you to tell time. If you get it wrong, they get confused. And this is T-R-O-U-B-L-E.
Snacking happens whilst we’re doing something else, so it often escapes our consciousness. Bite counting is a way to beat mindless eating and weight gain.
It might sound counterintuitive, but when you’re battling insulin resistance, you don’t want to aim to eat like a bird, you want to eat like a horse. Go BIG.
Good news, science has found a way to include chocolate cake and other delicious munchies into a DIET programme without sacrificing weight loss. The secret....

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