Better Body Chemistry for dog lovers

better body chemistry for dog lovers

If you have a little greyhound in you beware of white coat syndrome 

greyhound under pressure in front of the vetAs I step into the doctor’s consulting room my heart starts to race. By the time his cold hands have wrapped the blood pressure cuff round my arm and the air begins filling the cuff and cutting off the blood supply, my heart is at fever pitch.

Surprise, surprise – the blood pressure reading snaps back a very embarrassing, almost life threatening number.

Yes, I suffer from white coat syndrome. Ironically, it is not just doctors in white coats that manage to get my heart in a flat spin, even the poppies at the gym get a rise out of it. A better description of my condition is I am allergic to public blood pressure meters.

Turns out white coat syndrome is not only a problem for highly anxious humans (like me) but a problem for highly anxious dogs.

Walkies – it’s time to take your human for a walk 

dog taking his human for a walkGrowing up, the evening ritual involved my Dad coming home from work around 5 pm. He always stopped to have a cup of tea and then it was walkies time.

The dogs knew it – it was the highlight of their day.

He would simply grab the leads as he exited the kitchen, pick up his big stick and amble down to the gate, with the dogs in tow.

As a little girl I loved to accompany them on the stroll round the neighbourhood . It was the time I really got to “talk” to my Dad. Think I did most of the talking, but it was our special time – it was during those conversations my father imparted his love for the natural world and stirred up a desire to follow a science career.

I never considered those walks to be human exercise………….

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Prevent allergies by doing a little dog training

immune system learning dog is okayOur dog is always in trouble for shedding hairs. Her constant shedding has resulted in her being banned from the more public places of the house, because the old vacuum cleaner just doesn’t have the ability to slurp up those fine white hairs that stick like glue to EVERYTHING.

But those sticking dog hairs ensure that the developing immune system learns that “a dog” is something that is likely to be encountered regularly. Since the dog is part of the furniture, so to speak, barking at its presence would be a serious waste of effort.

Dog allergens should be classified as normal i.e. NO THREAT. This is what usually happens…

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Does your dog see you as a can opener ?

dog loving looking at its can openerA wagging tail and a loving stare….. is dog talk. But what is the thinking behind the dog discourse ? Who exactly is your dog talking to ?

Is it….

A friend ?  The leader of the pack ?  A can opener ?

In the case of Jozie, our psychotic dalmation – the answer is easy.

If you need to bring peace to the board room, hire a dog

a dog at work eases the stress loadDog lovers, can already wax lyrical about the benefits of sharing a house with a hound .

Yes, they bring dirt, shed hair on your clothes/carpets and the prized lounge suit, BUT somehow as you wipe away the slobber following an enthusiastic nuzzle, you end up wiping away the trials and tribulations of your day.

It works at home.

It works at work too.

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Send your dog to school to keep up with your education

dog readingYupee – it is holiday time.

Finally a chance to put down those books and vegetate .

This week’s Neurotechnology Tip encourages you to relax and unwind over the holidays, BUT don’t switch off completely. Too long a holiday, will make it a lot harder to hit the road running, next year.

One way to keep your brain marginally switched on, might be to educate your dog.

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Doggie cuddles take away health troubles

doggie lovingDealing with sickness and disease is never easy, but a little love helps big time. The source of “love” doesn’t need to be human, four legged friends are just as capable of giving an emotional lift up.

A recent study, published in Women’s Health Issues , suggests pet pampering is a health pick me up for many.

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Old dogs can learn new tricks when oxidative stress is less

old dog doing a bicycle trickA research team from Oregon have demonstrated

You can teach old dogs new tricks.

The trick to boosting the geriatric canine’s mental capacity, is in its dinner bowl.

If it is good for old dogs, could it be good for you too ?

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