Best posts from 7 Big Spoons in 2012

This week is 7 Big Spoons official birthday – we’re 2 years old. During the year I’ve learned a lot about blogging and biology, hope you have learned a little too. Today I want to highlight some of my favourite posts. I have divided it up into my favourite health tips and those that have fabulous cartoons.

The six things I wish everyone knew… 

sending your kid to bootcamp won't stop childhood obesity take a break from eating sun extracting cholesterol
Moving more won’t stop your kid from getting fat  Stop grazing it will stop you packing on the pounds  Make sure you have your “annual” check-up in the summer time
plastering the blood vessel with calcium brain size the problem in ADHD cholesterol at the scene of the accident
Calcium supplements are building bones and breaking hearts Are kids with ADHD just acting according to their brain age ? Bone cells are stiffening up your arteries 

Three  posts that are a little left of centre, but I enjoyed TREMENDOUSLY.

seeds setting a mouth on fire insulin crushing a mosquito grasshopeer who is afraid of a spider
Good table manners are a requirement for seed eating Our sweet tooth is making mosquitoes sick which is not good news The boogey man has eight legs

Each post is illustrated with a cartoon custom drawn by my right hand man, Guy Alain Ngangob.  Alain has the ability to capture my ideas and then take them to the next level.  These are my favourite cartoons for 2012.

dog reading  cave man meat  maasai jumping with vitamin D 
 Send your dog to school to keep up with your education   Real men need real meat to avoid heart disease How much vitamin D do you really need ? 
cat having trouble enjoying a sweet  ferret struggling to exercise  little boy cleaning the plate 
Fat cats don’t do sugar   Ferreting out why you hate to exercise   The danger of “finish your broccoli or else” 
bee begging  cucumber hiding vitamins under his jacket  woung being kissed by a bee 
 Be warned having a sweet tooth can bee a killer That salad is just lettuce leaves without the right dressing   Bee kisses beat fancy creams at healing nasty wounds  


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