Blowing Bubbles – August 2013 Edition of E-spoons


Keep slim and trim, by ordering carbonated water when you eat out, so you bubble your hunger away, but beware of too many bubbles in the bathroom – you can actually be too clean. Dirt is needed to keep your sinuses clear, it also helps protect little lungs from asthma. One way to get dirty is on the sports field– remember to serve oranges at half time, it will help little athletes breathe easier. At the end of the game, the genetically blessed won’t need to spritz with deoderant because there is NO sweaty SMELL, but another SMELL might be causing your high blood pressure. Finally, if you’re having surgery, blowing bubbles will see you coming home a whole lot quicker.  I am blowing you a few kisses XXXX and wishing you BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY, until next time.

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Fizzing up the water flattens your appetite (video) 

You’re weight watching…………but you’re still eating real food, not lettuce leaves.  The trouble is there is lots of REAL FOOD on offer, you’re a little worried, in the moment, you might just eat MORE REAL food, than you would like.

The waitron swings by to take the drinks order.

Ordering a coke or orange juice is not an option – too much sugar.  You contemplate a diet something or other, but artificial sweetners……………….  probably not a health move.

So…….. water it is.  You place the order……

Still or carbonated ?  the waitron inquires.What should you choose ?  Click here to watch the video to find out more.

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Are today’s kids too clean for their own good ?
in the bathRub a dub dub – you’re washing away all the dirt and germs from every nook and cranny of your little one.  Your kid is SPARKLING CLEAN.  Too clean ?  Maybe.

The SPARKLING CLEAN kids are full of cleaning chemicals AND ALLERGIES.   This is the finding of a group of researchers from John Hopkins University. Read more…

Is it time to cancel bath time ?  Probably not.

People have been washing away dirt and grime from  bodies for centuries.   Bathing  is not a new idea.  It is the rise of allergies that is NEW.

So how are we bathing differently ?

  • Hot water………… actually not such a new idea.
  • Soap……….. also not such a new idea, although the ingredients have changed over the years.

The biggest difference is the goal.  The point of the traditional bath was to get rid of the excess dirt.  Bathing was more about hosing down, so that the bits of mud, paint or jam that had managed to cling to the skin, would be washed away. Today we bath not just to remove the dirt, we bath to sterilize.

To exterminate the germs.  We emerge from the bath SUPER CLEAN.

Too clean for our own good ?
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The dirt behind sinusitis (video)

Drip… drip… drip…..  a caustic liquid continuously pours down the back of your throat.  Along with the drip, your head hurts.

It is driving you crazy………… you feel miserable – you need help.

Your GP confirms your sinus membranes are INFLAMMED.  A bad bug, has moved into the air-filled cavities connecting your nasal passages.

The fix for your sinusitis is going to be to forcefully “remove” the offending bacteria.  Your GP prescribes an antibiotic, AGAIN !

But the cure maybe the problem……

Click here to watch the video which digs up the dirt behind sinusitis.
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A hairy hound in the house help little lungs relax

Coughs and splutters are part of growing up. Sometimes a bout of coughs and splutters turns into something a lot more sinister and permanent.  Stats suggest as many as 10 % of children develop asthma.

Now part of the story is genetic, but genetics  is what makes you vulnerable, but it is not what pulls the trigger.

One of the triggers for asthma is an infections with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV for short).

So can you do to stop an RSV infection ?

GET A DOG !     Click here to read how dog dander delights the lungs.
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Playing dirty on the sports field encourages the coming of germs

It’s an away game. There is US and THEM.

At the end of the game – the lines will be blurred.  Not because the human contenders in the game have become friends.  No…. the game will produce WINNERS and LOSERS.  Inflated egos and bruised egos.

The lines are blurred because during the game, the moments of physical contact will have caused the microbial members of the team to swop sides. 
The final whistle will leave some microbes batting for the WRONG TEAM.  And these guys end up going home in the bus. They serve as a semi-permanent memoir of the CLOSE ENCOUNTER.  This is what researchers from the University of Oregon discovered when they boarded the boarded three teams heading for a big sports meet.

Stop panicking – it is more often than not a good thing.  Read more.
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Oranges at half time help little athletes breathe easier
Johnnie is playing soccer with the other kids.  As the game progresses it becomes clear he is struggling. The struggle is to catch his breath.  He slows his chase of the ball,  desperately trying to suck in enough air, to get a reprieve from the clutching burning sensation.  He STOPS ….no longer focused on the ball or the game – his focus is to breathe.  Abandoning  the game, he walks off the field – dejected and defeated.  BENCHED because he has run out of gas.

But he has run out of gas – not steam. It’s not a fitness problem. The breathlessness is because of a condition known as exercise-induced bronchoconstriction (EIB). A type of asthma.

Many victims are labelled as UNSPORTY muscle flops  – eventually  becoming COUCH POTATOES.  Others run onto the sports field, ever mindful of the location of their ASTHMA PUMP.

There may be a simple fix……….

Click here to read more.
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Health problem ?
There is more to health than eating less and exercising more.   Discover how small lifestyle changes can improve your health, so you  create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY. To book your body audit, drop me an e-mail at

. Spritzing with deodorant may not be necessary

Your  morning “hygiene” routine….is likely to include………………Applying your underarm deodorant. It is the kind of thing that you MUST DO.

You MUST protect your friends, colleagues and family from those unpleasant odours, that ARE MOST DEFINITELY emanating from you.

Smelling FOOF is not something you ever want to do.   But just because some people produce noxious underarm odours, does not mean you will too.  To be smelly you must have a specific gene !   Read more.

If you’re one of the luck few.    Celebrate your genetic heritage – ditch the deodorant.

PS.  If you have an especially active variant of the ABCC11 gene then. PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE – USE THE STUFF.  Not just daily, multiple times a day.  Your deodorizing makes the world a better place.

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Sniffing out who is behind your high blood pressure (video)
High blood pressure is S-E-R-I-O-U-S.

If you’ve got it, you need to work at bringing it down, to avoid blowing a gasket, either in your head or heart.

Treatments to protect against cardiovascular disease,  focus is on minimizing the build up of cholesterol (plaque)  from the pipes and then making the pipes more pliable and less full, either using lifestyle or drug therapy.

But what if we’ve got it wrong.

Click here to watch the video which sniffs out WHO may be behind your HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE.
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A stick of chewing gum gets the gut going after surgery

I am all for avoiding surgery of any kind.  But………… sometimes surgery is unavoidable. Now there is surgery and SURGERY.  But by its very nature, surgery is pretty traumatic.

A prolonged bout of anaesthesia and extensive poking, prodding and cutting in the nether regions, along with the pain meds, can leave your gut paralyzed.  Quite literally.

The official terminology for the problem is postoperative ileus. It is a big deal – you are not allowed to leave the hospital, until your gut wakes up.   This costs you time, money and aggravation.

Popping a stick of chewing gum in your mouth and CHEWING is one way to wake up your gut and get things moving, your gut and you.   Click here to read more about this little known strategy to GET OUT OF HOSPITAL SOONER.

So if you’re having  an op, when you put together your hospital bag, slip in a packet or two of chewing gum in with the pyjamas.  Or  if you’re visiting a friend after surgery – ditch the flowers or magazine, rather gift them with a packet of chewing gum.

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