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Cultivating the right microflora is key to health, fortunately you can trust your gut to make the right selection,  but antibiotics do pull out some of the blooms in your gut garden out. Spending time in a garden will help you feel better so will co-ordinating your diary with your body’s schedule. Make sure to include time for choir practiceand exercise timein your schedule as you climb the corporate ladder. If you want a good night’s sleep, you NEED a corner office,  get a few pointers on how to win, from the winners of MOUSE SURVIVOR.  To everyone in the Southern Hemisphere, HAPPY SPRING !  To those in the Northern Hemisphere – hope you’ve stocked up on your vitamin D.

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Trust your gut to make the right selection

Watering the gut gardenWhen it comes to decision making, we’re often advised to “TRUST YOUR GUT”, of course, listening to your gut when it comes to deciding whether you should have a second piece of chocolate cake, can back fire.

But for the most part……….. gut decisions are winners, it makes sense, a gut decision is collective wisdom, based on the input of a trillion or so bacteria.  Of course collective wisdom is only as good as the collective !

Luckily, the cells lining your gut have got you covered.  This is the conclusion of a group of researchers from Oxford University.  Who winds up taking up residence in the gut –  is not just a matter of chance.

Gut gardening begins early and is an on going process, the garden is meticulously maintained by the cells lining the gut.

Click here to read more about what it takes to create a tranquil gut garden, which is free of WEEDS.

Your gut cells will do their best to keep the garden well maintained.   But they need your help keeping your gut garden in tip top shape…..

  • protect the seed (microflora), only use antibiotics when absolutely necessary,
  • provide good seed (microflora),  eat fermented foods and live a little dirty,
  • feed your gardeners, by eating nutrient dense not calorie dense foods and
  • create a tranquil environment.


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The antibiotic hurricane leaves your gut flora flattenedantibiotic blowing away the gut garden

Bacteria  are typically regarded as THE ENEMY. As the ENEMY, exterminating them makes a lot of sense. But technology has allowed us to dig a little deeper into our microbial world.  And what a world…..  click here to learn more about the your microbial world.

We now know, taking an antibiotic is the equivalent of a hurricane blowing through your gut garden.    It is seriously destructive.  But, up until now, measuring the destruction has typically focused on numbers. But it is not just a numbers problem.

Hurricanes disrupt the routine.

When a team of European researchers, used -omics technologies to  keep tabs on the gut flora following antibiotic treatment, they found…. some species of bacteria were more sensitive than others. Surviving required the bacteria to make major shifts in their metabolism –  and the “stressed out” bacteria, stopped doing all those little metabolic jobs, they routinely performed.   And 40 days later, things are still not back to normal.

The take home message, think before you take an antibiotic, they may not harm you, but they do upset your  trillion little helpers, and when your bacteria are off their game, all sorts of problems can arise.  And if you must take an antibiotic, your gut bacteria will need TLC for a long time afterwards, at least 40 days.Return to Table of Contents

Health problem ?

There is more to health than eating less and exercising more.   Discover how small lifestyle changes can improve your health, so you  create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY. To book your body audit, drop me an e-mail at drsandy@spoonfulofscience.com

Delight your brain today by having a green moment

“Green” breaks are relatively easy to schedule, but as the world goes online, for many, the green world has become increasingly redundant.

At face value, battling dragons in a virtual world, hooking up with friends in the cloud etc.  seems like the THING TO DO. Brain’s like the non stop buzz of the digital world and that little cell phone ping, drops a dollop of feel good dopamine, pretty much every time it pings.

Science is discovering, the human brain also needs a dose of the real world, to truly be healthy.

Read more about the importance of giving your brain  green moments.
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It is time to co-ordinate your diary with your body’s schedule (video)

Body clocks

You have a TIGHT schedule.  Every moment of your day is planned and your activities are directed by the clock.

At 6 am the alarm clock demands you get out of bed and start……….RUNNING.  It is a scramble to get yourself and the rest of the family ready.  The school run MUST start by 7.22.  A minute or two later and the traffic situation will make EVERYONE late.

You MUST clock into work by 8.30…..………………

Modern living is CLOCK LIVING.

Watch this video,  to discover how important getting the timing right is to your health.

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Singing in the choir gets hearts beating more harmoniously

Sun sending sleep arrowIf you are not a big fan of the gym, preferring more civilized pursuits… then research from Sahlgrenska Academy will get you singing with delight, quite literally.

The Swedish team have discovered tralla lala laling together in a choir, does not just create pleasing music for the ears that behold it.  It is creates  harmonious heart beats for the singers too.

And hearts that are beating together, have a powerful presence, contributing to heart health.

Click here to read more
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Exercise can make-over your fat cells even if you’re not losing weight

You joined the gym………. the fitness instructor promised the hopping and bopping, would see you looking skinnier.

It has been 3 months.

The scale suggests the sacrifice has not been worth it.  You are 100 g lighter than when you started.

You’re ready to give up.  What is the point of exercising ?

WAIT – the real benefit of exercise has nothing to do with what you look like on the outside, it’s what is going on INSIDE, that counts. And things, important things, are happening on the INSIDE.


You fat cells are getting a make-over.   This is the finding of researchers from Lund University in Sweden.  They discovered that moderate physical activity changes your fat cell’s genes.

Click here to read more.  Drop me an e-mail, drsandy@spoonfulofscience.com, to learn more about how you can “Cheat those Fat Genes”.

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If you want a good night’s sleep, you NEED a corner office

Sun shooting a sleep arrowOn second thoughts, just aim for an office with a window, the bigger the better.  That corner office may have two windows, but it typically comes with a whole lot of extra stress, which makes it less likely you will climb into bed at all.  A good night’s sleep requires both quantity and quality – pulling an “all nighter” on a regular basis IS NOT A HEALTH MOVE.

Researchers from Northwestern University of Chicago discovered an office window is the key to workplace health and happiness. Quite literally.

Click here to discover how having an office window can make such an impact on your health.
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The winners of MOUSE SURVIVOR don’t eat added sugar (video)

Watch this episode of MOUSE SURVIVOR to learn what it takes to win MOUSE SURVIVOR.

Instead of placing genetically identical lab mice in a warm cosy cage, researchers  took genetically different wild mice and put them in a big room with “mouse barns”.  The barn was divided into six distinct “territories” – separated from each other with wire mesh. Each territory had a nest box, a feeding station and drinking water.

Not all territories within the barn were “optimal” –  4 were nice and cosy, 2 were so-so.  Each rendition of “Mouse Survivor” kicked off with 26 mice : 8-10 males, competing for 6 territories and 14-18 females.

To win, the mice had to survive and reproduce. To make it more interesting, the researchers manipulated the diets of the contestants.  They all got the same amount of calories, but how they got those calories differed.

If you want to be the SURVIVOR in your world,  learn from MOUSE SURVIVOR – cut the sugar.

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 Need some help cutting your LOVE OF SUGAR.   You need to Trick or Treat your SUGAR GREMLIN

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