September 2011 E-spoons

The September editon of E-spoons is

Hot footing it across the border

Leave the car behind, it’s making you fat, and hot foot it across the tree lined border with a caffeine muscle boost. Clean out your socks not your colon, so that your smelly feet don’t make you a target for mosquitoes which will bring fire to your feetAsk for directions, don’t let the worm in your head cause you to jumping in front of a hungry cat, on your way to the acne pool party. Laugh lots, sip “weed-free” herbal tea and don’t hang the wiring at the party, finally remember to take out the rubbish to avoid Alzheimer’s Disease.

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balance eicosanoids rein in insulin dial down stress sleep vitamin D microflora think
Balance Eicosanoids Rein in insulin Dial down stress Sleep ! Increase Vit D Culivate microflora Think champion

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