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 Better Body Chemistry when eating out

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Tips & strategies to eat out without over indulging

Be prepared for stress
Pop something small and sweet into your mouth – the very taste of sugar on the tip of your tongue, will dial down your stress levels
Avoid diet foods
You’re currently “ON DIET”, to be safe, you order a salad. But you may not be acting as virtuously as you think because a salad is not always a salad.
Watch who you're with
“Bad” behaviour becomes more acceptable when other people are doing it. Pigging out constitutes bad behaviour if you’re counting calories.
Choose where to start
The value of a buffet is you get to CHOOSE. But YOU might not be CHOOSING quite as much as YOU thought. But you can choose if you know how…
Water is a low cost, side effect free, appetite suppressant, but drinking it with or after meal provides little benefit, you need to drink it before eating.
Take a smaller plate
Avoiding eye contact with chocolate fudge sundae, is helpful, but there is more to “watching” than meets the eye. Appetite control begins with the eyes.
Pace yourself
Dinner racing is common practice, and there is always a pace setter in the race. It is good to know who this is, then do your best to avoid fitting in
Squeeze something
Need an especially large dose of self-control to conquer a difficult situation. A strategic muscle squeeze or two can trigger the willpower switch.
Remember your worth
If you’re not living in a big house, driving a big car and watching a big screen TV, you might be satisfying your need for bigness by supersizing your dinner
Be faithful
The actual calories in the pizza aren’t causing the trouble, it’s the fact that your brain doesn’t have a clue, how many calories are in THAT PIZZA
Go somewhere quiet
The louder the background noise, the more bland the food tastes. So try turning down the stereo if you want to eat less salt !
skip the drink
The cold drink is the BIG difference, between a sandwich with all the toppings eaten at home, and a hamburger eaten at McDonalds. Those liquid calories add up.
Order first
If you’re the first person to place the meal order when eating out, you’re choosing what you want to eat, if you’re not, there is a good chance you’re conforming.
Choose ONE
The “I am full message” is easily overridden by the sensory regions of the brain so the option to eat a variety of foods leads to more food being eaten.

Fizz things up

Start your dinner by downing a bottle of carbonated water. The gas bubbles zooting around your stomach will make you FEEL FULLER so you’ll end up eating less.

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