Quick summary of the science :

Eggs are a very good source of inexpensive, high-quality protein, they are easy to prepare, eat and digest and they are a great source of many vitamins and minerals that are commonly lacking in modern diets.

The association with cardiovascular disease is controversial and not supported, by a growing body of scientific research.

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Hand measuring the height of a little boy with a giant ruler

The best complementary food for baby

Every Mom, rich or poor, wants to provide her little one with the best start possible. An egg a day, will give baby a great start and prevent stunting.

Opthalmologist probing the eyes of a man eating a multi egg breakfast to determine macular density

An eye healthy diet should include eggs

We “see” eggs as a risk to our health – this view is in and of itself controversial and it’s heart centric. Eggs are a must have for an eye healthy diet

Oatmeal struggling to put out a fire  while the egg has been 100 % successful

Which is a better breakfast, egg or oatmeal ?

The 250 mg of cholesterol in egg WILL send cholesterol levels through the roof – so oatmeal is best. When tested head-2-head, surprisingly eggs trump oat meal.

"Evil" egg contemplating why it is so misunderstood

Are eggs for breakfast, a good thing or a bad thing ?

Eggs are more than just cholesterol, they’re full of goodies. They won’t up your odds of suffering a heart attack, in fact, they might just do the opposite.

Egg wearing a superhero outfit

Eggs are the ultimate superfood

The needless obsession with cholesterol in eggs, has taken this nutrient rich package off the menu, creating health risks instead of health benefits.

Too chickens eating outside the hen house

GRAIN FED hen eggs an indictment not an accolade

Eggs have over the years got lots of bad press, with much of the finger pointing being aimed at cholesterol, but too much omega 6 is the real bad boy.

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