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   Xeno-estrogens  (foreign)

Quick summary of the science  :

Xenoestrogens are man made chemicals, that exert estrogen-like actions on the body, contributing to endocrine disruption. Xenoestrogens are everywhere in our environment, so avoiding them altogether is nearly impossible. However, by knowing what they are and where to find them, we can greatly decrease our exposure and hopefully preserve our health.

They include PCBs, BPA, parabens, pthalates and triclosan.

Cash register receipts are not just bits of paper, recording your shopping sprees, they’re covered in BPA, which moves onto you, when you use a hand sanitizer 
Just like genetics, our “exposomes” (chemical exposures) are all different. Your exposome brings menopause on, a few years earlier than your genes intended.
Health gurus blame the excess sugar in fizzy cold drinks for the health troubles they bring. But the trouble may not be the contents of the can, but the can itself ?
Obesity is a BIG problem, BAD eating habits and lack of exercise, contribute to the problem, but as the crisis unfolds, many believe there is more to it.
Phthalates, make things smell good, but, they look a lot like our hormones, since hormones run our body chemistry, this similarity is problematic. 
WE’RE getting fatter……………. macaques, chimpanzees, velvets, marmosets, dogs, cats, lab rats, wild rats, lab mice…………. even dolphins are getting fatter

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