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Quick summary of the science  :

Estrogen is the hormone that gives ladies their sexy curves. She arrives at puberty, flits about on a monthly schedule, helping the egg princess get ready for her big moment.  At menopause, she ups and packs her bags, closing the baby shop and heralding a slew of health problems.

Her mood swings can be hard to handle, but overall she is a keeper.

It has long been acknowledged that estrogen gives women an edge, when it comes to avoiding heart disease. Infatutation might be the reason......
It is vitally important to eat a balanced diet, during pregnancy and lactation. But, not all nutrients are equally important…. 
Iron accumulates inside the human body, especially the brain. Iron and oxygen don’t mix....... the combination leads to rusty parts and serious breakdowns.
The connection between too much sugar and weight troubles is well established. But too much sugar is also causing sex hormone hang-ups.
Gut bacteria use their chemical wizardry to bump up your body’s estrogen levels, and too much estrogen often drives breast cancer.
Busy fat cells sometime need to take a break, so built into the fat cell’s milieu, is an enzyme or two, that “neutralizes” the testosterone squeeze.  
The hormone roller coaster you ride every month, impacts all aspects of your biochemistry, leading to variations in YOUR NUMBERS – which impacts your health risk profile.
Smoking is not good for you, but giving it up is HARD, especially if you’re a lady. Study after study, shows women battle more with cigarette craving than men.
Sagging skin is an outward sign of a collagen short fall. A collagen shortage extends beyond the outlayer to your bones. More wrinkles means less bone.

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