Better Body Chemistry preparing for exams

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 Better Body Chemistry when swotting

Tips & strategies to “survive” exams

Keep motivated

Nibbling on chocolate covered carrots, is the way to keep your brain motivated. Neither sticks nor ordinary carrots can do the trick.
Help your brain out, give it a reward for writing that test NOW, not ten years from now. Your brain can imagine the future, it lives for the moment.
A touch of green puts the brain in a significantly better mood, so this week’s Neurotechnology Tip encourages you to paint your desk a shade of green

Watch the focus…

multitasking is impossible

You won’t watch TV from the corner of your eye, your eye will be continually bobbing backwards and forwards ultimately crushing productivity

turn off notifications

AVOID interruptions, even innocent ones like a notification of an SMS coming through. Short interruptions are I-N-T-E-R-U-P-T-I-N-G !

study the “right” things

Just because it feels like it goes in easily doesn’t mean it is actually going in. It is a case of easy come, easy go so make sure you study the easy stuff.

Take breaks

Put you left foot forward, put your left foot back …… cross a few wires and get your brain oxygenated by doing the brain shuffle during study sessions
The brain is built to respond to change, failure to surprise it, leads to declines in focus and performance over time. Surprises cause it to pay attention.
The advice to get enough sleep is not some conspiracy to cut short the time available for enjoying life. Good sleep hygiene is the ticket to a good life.

Start early

NO WORK, sounds a bit fishy. But doing nothing FREES up brain networks. The down time on the network, allows new info to be uploaded completely.
Under normal circumstances – memorizing the list of 10 items would be a sinch, but when you absolutely need to learn it NOW, why does nothing stick.
Maths anxiety is not a result of being mathematically clueless, it is a REAL HEADACHE, causing parts of your brain to wince with pain.

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