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Quick summary of the science  :

Your eyes do more than just help you see, they play a crucial role in setting your internal clock and psyche.  


Discover how your eyes impact your BODY CHEMISTRY & how your BODY CHEMISTRY impacts your eyes

The continuous low lighting typical of the convalescent’s room, is hastening their demise, not facilitating their healing.
If you want to avoid myopia (nearsightedness) for a lifetime and forgo the expense and hassle of artificial lenses, stick your eyes outside on a regular basis.
Your teeth are not the only part of you which turns yellow with age, so do eye lenses, their yellowing could account for why you’re struggling to sleep.
Avoiding eye contact with chocolate fudge sundae, is helpful, but there is more to “watching” than meets the eye. Appetite control begins with the eyes.
When you’re feeling tired and grumpy, you have to deliberately flip the self control switch to act SWEET, turns out, it is also needed to avoid eating sugar.
Your brain is wired to connect A’s with star performance and F with failure, so make sure your brain is focusing on A’s to get an A+ performance.
Coloured eyes floating in a sea of white is uniquely human trait.  The ability to witness blood vessel behaviour, is thus a distinctive form of  human communication.
It is 3.25 pm in the afternoon………… can’t keep your eyes open. But YOU MUST ! The fix might be to turn the office into a red light district.
Many Africans consume bananas as their main food source, living more-or-less exclusively on bananas leads to blindness because they’re low on vitamin A 

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