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 Fat cells i.e. adipocytes

Quick summary of the science  :

The official name for a fat cell, is an adipocyte, they are found in adipose tissue. They aren't the only type of cells in fat tissue, but they are the one's responsible for storing fat. Storing fat is a good thing, REALLY, it provides you with energy when times are "tough"

Your goal is to have lots of happy healthy fat cells, when they FAIL, you end up with metabolic disease.

Those fat cells are costing you a lot more than your figure. For every dollar a normal person spends on health care, a fat person spends at least 50 c more
Fat cells do more than just store your extra calories, they produce over 80 different chemicals which are responsible for causing the trouble in obesity.
Exercise changes things on the inside. Fat cells that have been gyming for 6 months show 7000 changes to their genetic profiles.
You don’t have to lose all the extra weight, losing a little, will reduce the inflammation that creates the metabolic chaos underlying cardiovascular disease.
Busy fat cells sometime need to take a break, so built into the fat cell’s milieu, is an enzyme or two, that “neutralizes” the testosterone squeeze.
The bigger a fat cell is, the further it has to stretch to grab an oxygen molecule as it floats by, being short of oxygen, is unpleasant, maybe even inflammatory
So boil the kettle and sip on some hot chocolate today, ………………….. your fat cells will appreciate it.
Spoonfuls of table sugar in tea, soda containing high fructose corn syrup or a glass of fruit juice –they all contain fructose. And fructose makes you fat.
A crying baby is silenced immediately when it is hooked up with some milk. Whimpering fat cells, also calm down quickly when pacified with a bottle of “milk”.
Each droplet of fat, is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap so that the high energy fat molecules don’t cause a fire, but in obesity adipose tissue is on fire.
Mesenchymal stem cells are programmed with the ability to become bone cells or fat cells. Your body chemistry defines their destiny.
Shortages of vitamin D are associated with poor health. Obesity is linked with vitamin D shortages. Is there a connection ?
Beta cells produce insulin and when beta cells FAIL, type 2 diabetes is diagnosed……….. Not so fast, fat cells also produce insulin, and this might be the actual problem.
When you glance at yourself in the mirror, do you call your fat cells out, maybe even call them derogatory names ? It might not be their fault…
When fat cells have too much to do, they need a me day, so they start acting like a hypochondriac, hoping to get the day off BUT... instead they get a war.

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