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 Better Body Chemistry when serving dinner

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Tips & strategies to healthy family feeding

Cutlery counts
Scientists believe the magic happened because, in the moonlight the spoon took on a different colour, making it more attractive.
Colour matters
If you’re going to indulge – do it “right”. For a mug of steaming hot chocolate, this means avoiding the red mug and going with orange or cream.
Serve dinner early
It’s got nothing to do with dietary habits, meal time routines, frequency of family meals, time spent watching TV or physical activity, the problem is….
Dish up for them
Make sure you don’t catch sight of those not quite empty dishes, the eye will encourage you to empty the dish even though the brain is already full
Serve everything
There is ALWAYS room for dessert. ALWAYS. Dessert is eaten, because it tastes good, not because of hunger. By serving dessert with dinner – hunger rules.
Always serve vegetables
The mere presence of a vegetable alongside the chicken, steak or pasta, improves the status of the meal, and the chef, transforming it to a LOVE PACKAGE
Disguise vegetables
About 70 % of kids belong to the “broccoli tastes really yuk” club. If you want your child to swallow it, then you need to serve it with a cloaking device.
Celebrify vegetables
Getting kids (and husbands) to eat their vegetables is frequently an uphill battle. Getting that broccoli to slide down, could just require a name change.
Get them cooking
The more the kids peel potatoes and cut carrots, the more likely they are to actually eat the vegetables. Little chefs are cooking up better food choices.
Use superheros
You desperately want your kid to “eat right”. On the home front, you have control over what junior shovels down, but beyond your home is another story.
Get buy in
The dinner table is often the primary battle ground in the fight for better health. You’re doomed if he sees that dinner you’ve prepared as a food fight.
De-emphasize health
You want child to eat their vegetables, they on the other hand, don’t. Success requires a strategy, make sure the strategy you’re using is age appropriate.
Eat at the table
Modern youth are abandoning the kitchen table and deserting the TV – meal time is spent socializing with a thousand good friends on facebook
Set rules
Moms who impose an early BEDTIME and then become THE ENFORCER can protect their little one from becoming a childhood obesity statistic
Make it easy
You want your family to eat a few more fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, that apple doesn’t stand a chance, when pitted against a twinkie, but it can...
Wean with solids
The aim of the game, to feed your toothless wonder, mushed up food on a spoon. Spooning it in – ensures your little one grows up BIG, real BIG.
Limit options
The “I am full message” is easily overridden by the sensory regions of the brain so the option to eat a variety of foods leads to more food being eaten.
Insist on cutlery
Biting into food brings out the…. animal in kids, which can lead to housebreaking. To housebreak your kids, cut up their food.

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