Better Body Chemistry through “good” bacteria

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 Better Body Chemistry thru “good” bacteria

Tips & strategies to build a better microbiome

Touch soil regularly

a microbial bathroom acessory
To cultivate your microflora – you can swallow a probiotic pill or you can re-wild your gut, with a bucket of dirt in your bathroom. It’s the cheaper more effective option.

Don’t let them starve

When a gut bacteria can’t find something fibrous to chew, it will just eat something else. Good for the bacteria, but potentially dangerous for you !

handwash your dishes

a dirty dish
Handwashed dishes are “dirtier”. Don’t panic. They’re not a  health risk – the extra bacteria can help seed your gut microbiome so you avoid allergic conditions

Keep your bits

bacteria living in the appendix
It helps maintain the “right” microflora. You can get by without one, but you’re better off with one, especially when you need to take an antibiotic or two

Eat plants

When you eat a raw plant, you’re eating the plant’s microbiome. That amounts to a lot more bacteria, than you’re getting from you premium brand probiotic.

play dirty

bacteria from opposing sports teams
Stop panicking – the COMING is a good thing. When it comes to your personal collection of “bugs” on your skin, the more the merrier.

Don’t sterilize when bathing

bath time
Rub a dub dub – your kid is SPARKLING CLEAN. Too clean ? Maybe. The SPARKLING CLEAN kids are full of cleaning chemicals and allergies.

Close the lid

Those lotions and potions that beautify, can just as easily turn you into the beast. Just like food, makeup can go off.

limit antibiotic use

For gut bacteria, the antibiotic storm means it is no longer, business as usual. Only the tough survive and it takes time to return to “normal”.

Get a little dirty

get dirty
Are grown up girls struggling with autoimmune disorders because they were too clean when growing up ?

drink “fresh” milk

boxed milk
Human babies consuming raw cow’s milk, suffer from a lot less runny noses, fevers, ear aches, coughs and up set tummies than babies drinking boxed milk.

Limit exposure to artificial chemicals

artificial sweetners
For some people at least, the price of a sweet tasting, low calorie snack, is much higher than a few calories here or there – the price is their health.

Keep a regular schedule

gut time
Stuck in the warm dark gut, your gut microflora depend on you to tell time. If you get it wrong, they get confused. And this is T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

Don’t use antacids

Bacteria make it through the bad lands of the stomach, by wearing acid resistant raincoats and wellies and on occasion an umbrella inadvertantly given by you

Avoid “bad” places

Chatting on your cell phone while visiting a sick friend in hospital might result in you leaving the hospital with a few nasty bacteria stuck on the keypad.

Feed them their “favourites”

Granny Smith apples contain lots of UNDIGESTIBLE BITS, and it is the UNDIGESTIBLE BITS that matter, they encourage “skinny” bacteria to move into your colon

Don’t use mouthwash

Swooshing, stops the conversion of nitrate to nitrite by the bacteria living in your mouth – since nitrite help dilate blood vessels, your blood pressure rises

use iron supplements wisely

iron supplements
You only absorb the iron that YOU NEED. So, extra iron heads down south and the gut residents, get to feast on the leftovers. And feast they do…

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