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"Green" medicine 

Quick summary of the science  :

The warmth of the sun on your skin, the sounds of the birds in the trees—stepping outside can help anyone feel instantly better.  Why is spending time outdoors so beneficial ?  Natural light, dirt, fresh air and FUN !


Posts related to how enjoying a little "green" and being a little green, can create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY

A touch of green puts the brain in a significantly better mood, so this week’s Neurotechnology Tip encourages you to paint your desk a shade of green
As the world moves online, green moments are becoming increasingly redundant, but a daily dose of green medicine, is essential for human health
Looking for a bit of a pick me up but you’re on a tight budget ? Just take a walk PERIOD, it will clear your memory and stop sinking thinking
Trees lining the streets of London, are hoovering up around 2000 tonnes of particulate pollution from the air, every year – you need a tree air filtering system.
Some may interpret the fact that you talk to your pot plants, as being creepy, but if you want them to talk back, and they do, you need to touch them too…
The “love” of things NATURAL, is hardwired into the human brain. Young and old, rich and poor benefit from green medicine. So do babes in the womb.
Officially you’re supposed to engage in at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week, so pounding the pavement with Fido is a valuable health move
If you want to avoid myopia (nearsightedness) for a lifetime and forgo the expense and hassle of artificial lenses, stick your eyes outside on a regular basis.
Are grown up girls struggling with autoimmune disorders because they were too clean when growing up ?
Camping trips in the wilderness, sanctioned by your doctor and paid for by your medical aid……………………the future of sleep medicine ?
Watch how you store your veggies – a dark cold fridge will not make your cabbage think it is under attack, something you want your cabbage to do.
Eating green leafy vegetables causes sugar gremlins to turn a little GREEN. And when your sugar gremlin turns green, it is not in the mood for MORE SUGAR.

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