Motor cars, computers, machines in general, need to be fuelled correctly and  regularly serviced to avoid things going wrong.

Wrong can mean

When machines run into trouble, we attribute the problem to “GREMLINS”,  mischievous little imps, that have penetrated the system and are causing trouble, with a capital T.

The human body is also a machine, albeit, an extremely sophisticated machine.  Built into each cell in the body, is a blueprint (DNA) which allows for continuous servicing.   The system usually works perfectly, provided it is supplied with the “right” fuel and the components i.e. nutrients and things,  to assemble the parts.

But life stresses and strains, fuel supply problems and shortages of key components, can introduce “GREMLINS” into the human body.  Things still run, but not optimally and just like mechanical beasts, the machine can start to slow down, squeak loudly, especially early in the morning.

Problems start out small…

In short, your machine has an F rating….

Fatigued, fragile, frumpy, FOGGY &  fed-up.

Over time, the F rating, leads to a breakdown –

Drugs, surgery, supplements and bed rest,  are used to patch up the machine, so it continues to run.  But these interventions are often just a patch, a temporary stop gap, until something else breaks.

More expense. More downtime. More frustration and heartbreak.

The reason the interventions FAIL, is because the GREMLIN causing the upset has never been flushed out.  The intervention focuses on managing the symptom, but never addresses the cause.

These health GREMLINS are sneaky, by their very nature they hide under the covers – they cause trouble and upsets in unexpected places.  But if you UNDERSTAND THE BIOLOGY, and take the time to  look carefully – they can often be identified.

GREMLINS leave clues in the dis-ease and disease they produce.

A BODY AUDIT,  is a structured systematic approach which scans for gremlins by studying the clues they’re leaving behind.  By taking the time to look at those seemingly unimportant niggles and nuisance factors, as well as blood test results and combining this with a little biology , it is possible to  NAME and SHAME the gremlin.

Understanding the ROOT of  a health problem is the first step to improving the situation.  Knowing the GREMLIN which is up to mischief, makes it a lot easier to flush it out and clean up the system – so your body machine runs more efficiently, leaving you feeling a whole lot better.

How does a health conversation work ?

The body audit is designed to help pinpoint possible imbalances in your body chemistry, brought on by the stresses and strains of modern living in combination with your genetic blueprint.

The first step involves completing a comprehensive questionnaire.

The questionnaire is designed to probe your current health status, questions cover both the official health issues, but also the little things, niggles and nuisances.  It includes the usual focus points – diet and exercise, as well as current medication and supplement use and other lifestyle factors,  that are known to contribute significantly to body chemistry.

When you’re done filling in the form, you need to send it back to Dr Sandy.

Dr Sandy will then go through it looking at the clues about which gremlin(s), might be impeding your body’s performance.   The mix of a little time and a lot of biology, is usually enough to flush out a gremlin or two.  Once the gremlin(s) has been identified, Dr Sandy will look at the lifestyle factors and health habits, that may be empowering that gremlin so that a plan of attack can be formulated.

The face to face or skype appointment

Once this is complete, a face-to-face appointment is scheduled in which Dr Sandy, will discuss options, flag problem areas and potential pitfalls, during our health conversation.

What happens during the consultation ?

You will discover your gremlin(s)

In the first part of the meeting, Dr Sandy will share with you, the potential gremlins that have been identified, based on the information you have shared.   The explanation will cover the biology behind the problem.  Don’t panic, it will be simple enough for you to understand, Dr Sandy will bring the science to life using cartoons and speak in plain English, not scientificeese.

You’ll get tips & strategies to “tame” your gremlin(s)

Once you understand the biology behind your gremlin, Dr Sandy will discuss ideas and strategies that you can use to create better body chemistry, so the gremlin is either eliminated or seriously restrained.   The gremlin busting behaviours will help you create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY, which will leave you feeling and performing better.

You walk away with an individualized anti-gremlin plan

At the end of the session, Dr Sandy will help you create an individualized plan, based on your genes, environment and personality. The plan will focus on improving your biology, it is designed to be do-able and won’t cost a fortune to implement. You will be empowered to make better choices because you understand the biological drivers and consequences of your choices.

You get ongoing support

But,  knowing what to do and actually doing it, is not the same thing, so to help you implement the  plan, you  will receive on-going telephonic and/or e-mail support for the next 30 days.

How much does it cost ?

It depends where you live…..

If you are South African.  Eish ! The rand is not so good, so the rand price for a consultation is R 500.  You can opt to meet face-2-face or face-2-skype.   If the consultation is not in Edenvale area, but you would prefer a face-2-face meeting, there may be an additional fee to cover the petrol.     Normally the consultation takes place at your home and lasts between 60 – 90 minutes.  Payment should  be by electronic transfer, prior to the scheduled appointment or in cash on arrival.

If you don’t live in South Africa, the consultation needs to be face-2-skype or face-2-google hangout, which ever your prefer.  The cost for the consultation is $50.  The payment can be made via Paypal.  (Don’t worry if you don’t have a Paypal account, Dr Sandy does, for you, you can pay via your credit card)using the Paypal system).

Dr Sandy’s philosophy

Dr Sandy is not a medical doctor, but has a PhD in Pharmacology (the study of drugs), and has taught pharmacology to medical students and science students for over 20 years. She knows drugs in all their different forms, from traditional chemicals, to modern biopharmaceuticals, as well as the oldest drugs of all food.

Dr Sandy is an expert in helping people to overcome the bad body chemistry associated with metabolic syndrome. Dr Sandy’s focus is not based on the premise that the fix is to EAT LESS, MOVE MORE and take lots of vitamin supplements. As a pharmacologist, Dr Sandy believes that drugs and supplements have an important role to play in creating BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY, but these should be a last resort and used sparingly.


Dr Sandy’s advice and suggestions are always grounded in the latest science.

NOTE :  The consultations are educational in nature: Dr Sandy does  not have a license or certification to dispense medical advice or dietary counseling.  As such, you cannot get reimbursement from your medical aid or health insurance company.


Complete the body chemistry audit, then book a consultation with Dr Sandy.

Here is the link to download the body audit questionnaire.  To schedule an appointment, pop over to the  contact page, we can e-mail to arrange the logistics.