Is this you ?
Your health is not quite where you want it to be.  You know that you are at risk of something nasty and a lot of the time, you don’t feel that GREAT.  Yes, you can push through and keep going, but it would be nice to actually feel “good”.  You hate the  idea of  spending hours in the gym and you’re sick and tired of health gurus telling you what to eat and NOT eat.  You need to make improvements, you do want to be a little pro-active, but you’re not ready to CHANGE EVERYTHING. You want to feel empowered to make real, sustainable changes that will transform your health and wellbeing and you would prefer not to take another pill/supplement, you want 100 % NATURAL solutions.



Discover easy-to-implement lifestyle changes that will improve your health trajectory and empower you to take control of your well-being

This isn’t your average health advice.

Health Hack-a-day will revolutionize the way you approach your well-being. With our unique and practical strategies, you’ll discover a fresh perspective on health that will empower you to make lasting improvements. Say goodbye to the generic advice and narrow perspectives, and join us on a journey to better body chemistry and vibrant living!

What sets us apart :

  • Fun and Easy: Health Hack-a-day makes wellness enjoyable and effortless. Our content is designed to be engaging and easily consumable, allowing you to take simple steps towards improving your health.
  • Science-Based: Rest assured that our strategies are rooted in scientific research. We cut through the noise of marketing gimmicks and offer you evidence-based insights to optimize your well-being.
  • Broad Perspective: Health Hack-a-day goes beyond the typical “eat less, move more” approach. We provide a comprehensive outlook on health, covering various aspects that contribute to your overall well-being.
  • Practical and Low-Cost: Our solutions are practical and often require little to no additional expense. We believe that improving your health shouldn’t break the bank.


By implementing just one or two of our unique ideas, you can potentially transform your health trajectory. Imagine lowering your risk of dreaded diseases like heart attacks, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. Our 31 videos, each packed with 8-10 minutes of valuable content, will equip you with actionable tips and techniques that yield immediate results. From better sleep and clear sinuses to strategies for incorporating exercise into your daily routine, Health Hack-a-Day has you covered.

Invest in your health TODAY


By the end of the course, you’ll feel a little smarter and have caught a glimpse into how wonderfully you are made. You’ll feel hopeful, determined, and excited to do the things that will move the needle in terms of your health. And you’ll be thinking, “Wow, this woman knows her stuff. I want to pick her brain and learn more.”


Don’t wait for a diagnosis or let your performance suffer any longer.

Act now to prioritize your health and unlock your full potential. Health Hack-A-Day is your gateway to feeling great, having more energy, and embracing a pro-active approach to well-being. Take advantage of our offer and discover the transformation that awaits you!

You deserve to feel happier & healthier

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Why choose

Health Hack-a-Day

Time Efficient
You don’t need to spend hours researching or reading complex biology textbooks. Health Hack-A-Day condenses the most valuable information into easy-to-understand videos, saving you time and effort.
Holistic Approach
We address various health concerns, focusing on the interconnectedness of different factors that contribute to your well-being. No magic pill promises—just practical, science-based advice.
Accountability & Support
The support you need every step of the way. Have questions? Need guidance? Our dedicated team is ready to assist, ensuring your journey to better health is smooth and empowering.
Value for Money
Considering the countless hours our team has dedicated to creating this comprehensive wellness blueprint. Health Hack-a-Day offers tremendous value at an affordable price point

This is not just another generic health program. Health Hack-A-Day is a one-of-a-kind resource that combines science, practicality, and fun to revolutionize the way you live. Join us today and embark on a journey towards a healthier, happier you.

Why should you trust me ?

Selfie of Dr Sandy

Here is a quick introduction about me so you can decide if I am someone you want to listen to.  I have  PhD in pharmacology and I taught at various tertiary institutions for years, before setting out on my own as a health blogger.  What sparked  the move away for the formal academic world was my own health crisis.  I had a nervous breakdown, literally a nerve in my eye packed up, leaving me with double vision.  As I looked into the science, in search of answers………….. I discovered that most of the information pertaining to health is WRONG.  Sometimes it’s just out of date, the science has moved on.  Sometimes the science has actually been there for years, but it didn’t fit the paradigm – so it went UN-NOTICED.   Or put another way.  No one could make money out of it, so it was  forgotten/swept under the rug.  When I got my own health more or less back on track, I felt motivated to share the information with others and founded BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY, where I inspire and empower ordinary people from all around the world to make the small lifestyle changes that help them create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY and BETTER HEALTH. 

On an average day I spend 2-3 hours exploring scientific journals looking for “answers” to what causes insulin resistance and how to fix it.  I take the science that I discover and simplify it, so that it is accessible to ordinary people.  Science is always moving and changing as new things are discovered. I believe that the answer to the vast majority of our health troubles lies in THE BIOLOGY.  And that if you understand the principles, you can find solutions.