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The Body Chemistry behind Heart Attacks

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A cell lining a blood vessel suffers a catastrophic event AND IS NOT REPLACED, because you’re short of EPCs - cholesterol then fills the leaking pipe, and so it begins.
The war on cholesterol, although laudable, is not going to “fix” atherosclerosis, because the blockage starts deep inside the blood vessel, the vasa vasorum is to blame 
The time of the day, you want to stop platelet MOBBING is FIRST THING IN THE MORNING. To do this, you should be taking aspirin with dinner, NOT breakfast.
A special non-stick layer, known as the glycocalyx, prevents things from sticking to the sides of blood vessels. When it’s not there, atherosclerosis happens.
Bacteria need iron to grow, so iron levels are ALWAYS kept low, except during STRESSFUL moments, when iron is made available……. bacteria come out to play
The details are still a little fuzzy but insulin is definitely part of the story of atherosclerotic plaque formation in the carotid artery.

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