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Sitting stops leg blood flow, but if you fidget, you can improve blood flow- it turns out, tiny muscle contractions are better than NO, muscle contractions.
Your cholesterol is within the normal range. CONGRATULATIONS ! Officially you are less likely to die as a result of heart disease. Maybe not.
Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) do solve the heartburn problem in the moment, at a price………… an increased risk of having a heart attack.
Now, it’s okay to eat fats, as long as they’re “healthy” fats. Which leads to the million dollar question, what are “healthy” fats ?
When a heart attack strikes, the nitric oxide battery is the key to calming the panic and getting oxygen to the tissue minimizing damage. To charge your battery - 
If you know someone recovering from a heart attack – encourage them to add a soak in the sun to their daily dose of baby aspirin and other heart meds. 
So get tralla lala laling. Singing together means breathing together. And breathing is good for the nerves, which is good for the heart.
Rigorous exercise in bed can give the blood pressure a rise, but it’s the tormented tossing and turning which denies SWS sleep, that really causes BP to climb
If you’re frHeart disease arises when the cells lining your blood vessels, lose their groove. But you can give them back their groove by listening to music.

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