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This Christmas, are you secretly wishing Santa would bring you a "magic pill" to help you lose weight ?

You've seen the headlines, read the articles, and watched the commercials. They all talk about these ground breaking weight loss drugs. The success stories are captivating, and the promise of “effortlessly” dropping excess weight is alluring. You're drawn to the idea of shedding those extra pounds, achieving better health, and experiencing newfound confidence.


The excitement is coupled with a sense of uncertainty, and you're left with a multitude of questions and uncertainties. As you contemplate these potential solutions, you can't help but think about the long-term effects and potential side effects of the drug. You wonder if it's too good to be true and whether there are risks involved. The emotional rollercoaster intensifies as you grapple with hope, financial concerns, and skepticism.

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In a world saturated with weight loss options, it's easy to feel lost, confused, and even cynical. We understand the frustration of not knowing which solution is right for you, the uncertainty that comes with every new trend, and the need for clarity in this overwhelming landscape.

Ready to turn your

"Santa, make me thin" wish

into a possibility?"

Prepare to meet the latest contenders in the battle against excess weight: Ozempic and Wegovy, both Semaglutides that fall under the umbrella of GLP-1 agonists. These breakthrough medications are at the forefront of weight loss science.


Our workshop, provides a balanced, unbiased perspective on semaglutide and its role in weight loss. We aim to empower individuals with actionable knowledge, expert guidance, and the confidence to make informed decisions about their weight loss journey. You'll gain the knowledge and confidence needed to thoroughly evaluate the duration, lifestyle adjustments, financial considerations, and potential consequences associated with using this medication over the long term. 

Dr Sandy your guide is a seasoned pharmacologist who simplifies the complex science, making it accessible to you.

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Unlike the confusion and uncertainty you might have faced when making other important health decisions, this workshop is designed to simplify complex information, provide unbiased facts, and deliver a clear, straightforward understanding of semaglutide's role in weight loss. It's about offering guidance, not promoting or dismissing the medication.

Join us for an enlightening experience that equips you with valuable insights to empower you to take control of your health and wellness.

It's not about outsourcing your decision making to others but equipping you with insights, so you can make the right choices for your well-being.

No more doubts or second-guessing.

You'll feel empowered, knowing you have the knowledge and tools to choose the right path for you.

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Normally $ 29 but FREE inside the HOLIDAY ABUNDANCE BUNDLE


What's inside :

Interactive workshop
Our workshop simplifies the complex science behind semaglutide, helping you understand its mechanisms, potential consequences, and long-term effects.
Expert guided insights
Benefit from the guidance of a seasoned pharmacologist who addresses your questions and concerns with empathy, ensuring you're equipped to make informed decisions.
Unbiased approach
You'll receive unbiased information that empowers you to form a balanced perspective on semaglutide, free from marketing hype or bias.
Empowerment & Confidence
Gain confidence in your health decisions and empower yourself to make informed choices.


enrol is zero to one course

Access to "Zero-2-one" Weight Loss E-course

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Packed with science based "Tips & Strategies" , beyond the usual "Just Eat Less and Move More" to help you shed those pounds WITHOUT drugs if this is the route you decide to use.

Worth $ 49

enrol is zero to one course

Join us for an enlightening experience that equips you with valuable insights to empower you to take control of your health and wellness.

The Power of Choice

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Learn how to make the right choice for your health and goals.

In this workshop, you'll receive expert guidance, engage in interactive discussions, gain a clear understanding of weight loss medications, and feel empowered to take charge of your health. The knowledge and confidence you'll acquire are invaluable.

Are you ready to take the first step toward informed weight loss decisions?

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Why should you trust me ?

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Here is a quick introduction about me so you can decide if I am someone you want to listen to.  I have  PhD in pharmacology and I taught at various tertiary institutions for years, before setting out on my own as a health blogger.  What sparked  the move away for the formal academic world was my own health crisis.  I had a nervous breakdown, literally a nerve in my eye packed up, leaving me with double vision.  As I looked into the science, in search of answers………….. I discovered that most of the information pertaining to health is WRONG.  Sometimes it’s just out of date, the science has moved on.  Sometimes the science has actually been there for years, but it didn’t fit the paradigm – so it went UN-NOTICED.   Or put another way.  No one could make money out of it, so it was  forgotten/swept under the rug.  When I got my own health more or less back on track, I felt motivated to share the information with others and founded BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY, where I inspire and empower ordinary people from all around the world to make the small lifestyle changes that help them create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY and BETTER HEALTH. 

On an average day I spend 2-3 hours exploring scientific journals looking for "answers" to what causes insulin resistance and how to fix it.  I take the science that I discover and simplify it, so that it is accessible to ordinary people.  Science is always moving and changing as new things are discovered. I believe that the answer to the vast majority of our health troubles lies in THE BIOLOGY.  And that if you understand the principles, you can find solutions.