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Craft Beautifully

Imagine sitting down to create a beautiful piece of artwork or crafting a masterpiece, whether it's a delicate embroidery project, a complex knitting endeavor, or any other fine craft that requires attention to detail.

To create such magnificent art, you need the tools of the trade.... 


 and one of the most vital tools, often overlooked, is your eye's.

Specifically, it's your macula – a small but mighty part of your retina responsible for clear, detailed vision. This remarkable piece of your eye is essential for crafting, enabling you to see and create with precision

The ability to thread a needle with ease is a testament to the strength and clarity of your macular health.


However, as we age, one of the most significant challenges we face is the gradual deterioration of the macula, often leading to a condition known as macular degeneration.
This condition comes in two forms – wet and dry macular degeneration, both of which can seriously impact your ability to create with precision.

That's where "Thread the Needle" comes in.

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Our workshop will empower you to  optimize your macular health, offering you insights and strategies to protect against common age-related challenges, and ultimately, preserve your crafty independence and creativity for years to come.
During this engaging session, we will delve into the science of macular health and explore practical steps you can take to support it.

Join us for an enlightening experience that equips you with valuable insights to enhance your vision and enjoy your crafting with newfound clarity.

We won't be selling supplements or making extravagant promises.

Instead, we'll empower you with knowledge and practical strategies to enhance your vision naturally

Discover the science-backed secrets to preserving your crafty independence and creativity for years to come.

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What's inside :

Interactive live workshop
Our workshop simplifies the complex science, helping you make optimized dietary choices
Expert guided insights
Get your questions and concerns answered.
Science resources
So you can geek out if you want to
Empowerment & Confidence
Gain confidence in your health decisions and empower yourself to make informed choices.


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Why should you trust me ?

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Here is a quick introduction about me so you can decide if I am someone you want to listen to.  I have  PhD in pharmacology and I taught at various tertiary institutions for years, before setting out on my own as a health blogger.  What sparked  the move away for the formal academic world was my own health crisis.  I had a nervous breakdown, literally a nerve in my eye packed up, leaving me with double vision.  As I looked into the science, in search of answers………….. I discovered that most of the information pertaining to health is WRONG.  Sometimes it’s just out of date, the science has moved on.  Sometimes the science has actually been there for years, but it didn’t fit the paradigm – so it went UN-NOTICED.   Or put another way.  No one could make money out of it, so it was  forgotten/swept under the rug.  When I got my own health more or less back on track, I felt motivated to share the information with others and founded BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY, where I inspire and empower ordinary people from all around the world to make the small lifestyle changes that help them create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY and BETTER HEALTH. 

On an average day I spend 2-3 hours exploring scientific journals looking for "answers" to what causes insulin resistance and how to fix it.  I take the science that I discover and simplify it, so that it is accessible to ordinary people.  Science is always moving and changing as new things are discovered. I believe that the answer to the vast majority of our health troubles lies in THE BIOLOGY.  And that if you understand the principles, you can find solutions.