A shot of testosterone is a knock out blow for podgy bellies

testosterone knocking out a big bellyWhen you think testosterone, you probably think BIG muscular jock.

When the muscular jock is really BIG, the next thought that crosses your mind, is the BIGNESS because of testosterone shots ?

Our minds associate testosterone shots, with BIGNESS.

So, it is somewhat unexpected to find, testosterone shots may be the secret to shrinking BIG old men.

Testosterone causes shrinking

Big old men, are BIG and wobbly, not BIG and solid.

It is the wobbly bits that cause them to be low on testosterone. The reason, their overstuffed fat cells are complaining bitterly, creating a lot of inflammation and eating their testosterone for breakfast.

The shortage of testosterone, is more than just a consequence of their extra weight, it is part of the problem.

Fixing the testosterone problem………… is all that it takes to “fix” the weight problem.

No diet, no exercise ………….

Testosterone shots have the power to fix

This is the surprising results, coming from a study carried out in Germany.

The study enrolled 255 obese men. The men ranged in age from 38 to 83 years, blood tests indicated that all the men were low in testosterone, ranging from as low as 0.14 ng/mL up to 3.5 ng/mL. (More than 3.5 ng/mL is considered normal).

The men began treatment with a slow-release formulation of testosterone (testosterone undecanoate) and were monitored over several years.

The fat just melted away

The men did nothing different, in terms of their diet or exercise regimen, but the pounds just melted away. On average the men dropped from 106.2 kg to 90 kg over a five year period i.e. that is a 16 kg difference.

And even more astounding, in that it happened little by little.

Instead of slowly adding more width and  girth, which is what typically happens with each passing year. Over the five year period, these “old” guys got leaner and leaner, with each passing year.

And, the steady weight loss brought all the usual health benefits, including lowered blood pressure and better lipid profiles.

The catch-22

Testosterone is more than just the HE MAN hormone, responsible for whipping up strong healthy little sperm. It is an integral part of energy metabolism.

Unfortunately, obesity creates a vicious circle of metabolic trouble …

  • The low testosterone causes obesity
  • The obesity causes low testosterone

Get out of the trap

Losing weight, will cause testosterone levels to improve.

But losing weight, is going to be a whole lot more difficult if your testosterone levels are too low at the start.

If you’re stuck in the trap – it might be worth asking your doctor to check your testosterone levels. If your levels are really low, testosterone replacement therapy may be an option you want to explore.

PS. The aim is to get your testosterone levels into a normal physiological range for your age, not to turn you into a geriatric alpha male. Too much testosterone could be a death blow, quite literally, because it can supercharge prostate and testicular cancer.

Testosterone-Replacement Therapy Improves Symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome – press release from Endocrine Society.

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