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Hyperinsulinemia is a condition characterized by excessively high levels of insulin in the blood, a common yet often misunderstood aspect of metabolic syndrome. While it’s a widespread belief that elevated blood sugar levels in diabetes are due to insufficient insulin production, the reality in many cases is quite the opposite. In individuals with hyperinsulinemia, the pancreas actually produces more insulin than necessary, and these elevated levels persist not just after meals, but continuously : morning, noon and night.

This constant high insulin level, however, does not equate to better glucose management. Instead, it is a sign of insulin resistance, where the body’s cells become less responsive to insulin’s effects. This resistance is the real culprit behind the high blood sugar levels seen in type 2 diabetes. The condition not only contributes to glucose imbalances but also complicates the body’s overall metabolic processes, underscoring the need for a deeper understanding and strategic management of insulin levels in diabetic care.

Hyperinsulinemia Is More Than Just a Diabetes Issue

Insulin stuffing a fat cell with fat : keeping it big despite fat burning taking place

The diabetes timeline doesn’t start with TOO MUCH FAT

The story of diabetes is always written like this…. you put on weight, become insulin resistant, then eventually diabetic. But, this diabetes timeline is WRONG.

Lots of insulin molecules knocking on insulin receptor

You want LESS insulin, NOT MORE, if you have type 2 diabetes

Normal mice, fed a normal diet but given, EXCESS insulin, develop type 2 diabetes. More insulin is NOT the cure for type 2 diabetes.

Insulin dressed as a knight in shining armour, despite his presence the liver is  being over run by glucose molecules.

It’s time diabetics stop seeing insulin as a knight in shining armour

SUGAR is the enemy and INSULIN is the saviour. The “success” of bariatric surgery, as a treatment for type 2 diabetes, is forcing a re-think of the story.

Liver enzyme working on clearing insulin inside the liver

Metabolic syndrome begins when insulin isn’t removed efficiently

Slower insulin removal results in more insulin entering the circulation. Since more insulin is getting up to mischief, this leads to metabolic mayhem….

Insulin doing a karate chop on a hapless mosquito

Our sweet tooth is making mosquitoes sick which is not good news

More sugar, means more insulin – when mosquitoes bite, they get a mouthful of insulin leading to a compromised immune system and a lot more malaria.

Endothelial cell trying to make an insulin delivery to a muscle cell, it's attempts are being hampered by a nasty little sugar molecule biting at it's heel

Is insulin resistance a delivery problem, not a hearing problem ?

In the insulin resistant, its thought that insulin arrives at the cell’s glucose gate, but the gate doesn’t open. What if insulin never makes it to the gate ?

Treg worrying about what insulin is up to instead of taking care of raging fire

Insulin has your body’s fire chief on speed dial

Low grade inflammation, is responsible for the metabolic upheavals of insulin resistance. Putting the fire out, should be our body’s priority, but it’s not….

Morbidly obese individual perfectly healthy

Being overweight is the consequence not the cause of your problems

Jo Soap was skinny, ate “right”, exercised, yet he dropped down dead from a heart attack. How could this be ? His BMI betrayed him.

Women losing weight over the years

Why losing weight does not always protect you from getting type 2 diabetes

Being overweight is a risk for type 2 diabetes. But what determines when you cross the line from being fat to being a type 2 diabetic ?

An atherosclerotic plaque inside a blood vessel being studied by insulin

Insulin steers the assembly of killer blood clots

The details are still a little fuzzy but insulin is definitely part of the story of atherosclerotic plaque formation in the carotid artery.

Insulin stopping a hungry heart from taking a sugar delivery

High insulin levels hammer your heart whether you’re thirteen or thirty

No matter what your age, the combination of insulin resistance and extra pounds puts your heart under strain when the pressure rises.

Enzymes trying to attack insulin

Beware the insulin boomerang sets off diabetes

Stopping the body’s breakdown of insulin, boosts insulin levels, but the plan eventually backfires, triggering diabetes due to the ensuing insulin resistance.

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