Better Body Chemistry for those with too much insulin

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 The problem with hyperinsulinemia

The details are still a little fuzzy but insulin is definitely part of the story of atherosclerotic plaque formation in the carotid artery.
No matter what your age, the combination of insulin resistance and extra pounds puts your heart under strain when the pressure rises.

insulin degrading enzymes attacking insulin
Stopping the body’s breakdown of insulin, boosts insulin levels, but the plan eventually backfires, triggering diabetes due to the ensuing insulin resistance.
Low grade inflammation, is responsible for the metabolic upheavals of insulin resistance. Putting the fire out, should be our body’s priority, but it’s not….
Jo Soap was skinny, ate “right”, exercised, yet he dropped down dead from a heart attack. How could this be ? His BMI betrayed him.

wpmen losing weight across the years
Being overweight is a risk for type 2 diabetes. But what determines when you cross the line from being fat to being a type 2 diabetic ?
The story of diabetes is always written like this…. you put on weight, become insulin resistant, then eventually diabetic. But, this diabetes timeline is WRONG.

insulin at the door
Normal mice, fed a normal diet but given, EXCESS insulin, develop type 2 diabetes. More insulin is NOT the cure for type 2 diabetes.
SUGAR is the enemy and INSULIN is the saviour. The “success” of bariatric surgery, as a treatment for type 2 diabetes, is forcing a re-think of the story.

cytochrome p450 shaking up insulin
Slower insulin removal results in more insulin entering the circulation. Since more insulin is getting up to mischief, this leads to metabolic mayhem….
More sugar, means more insulin – when mosquitoes bite, they get a mouthful of insulin leading to a compromised immune system and a lot more malaria

endothelium cell trying to make an insulin delivery
In the insulin resistant, its thought that insulin arrives at the cell’s glucose gate, but the gate doesn’t open. What if insulin never makes it to the gate ?

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