Iron Deficiency

Quick summary of the science :

Iron deficiency comes in various forms, including absolute iron deficiency, characterized by a clear shortage of iron in the body, and functional iron deficiency, where iron may be present, but it isn’t effectively utilized, and understanding these distinctions is crucial as they carry unique implications for our overall health and well-being.

While iron supplementation can be a life-saving intervention for individuals who are truly deficient, it also presents challenges for those with functional iron deficiency or who are already iron-replete, emphasizing the need for careful consideration when approaching iron supplementation.

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Bridge between sugar levels and anemia

Can anemia cause blood sugar problems?

Yes. But the connection is not “a real” connection, it arises because of the way sugar problems are typically tracked. Ignoring this can have dire consequences.

Coming back from long COVID sooner rather than later

COVID has something quite special up it’s spike – it’s called covidin, it mimics the hormone we use to manage our iron metabolism. So covid causes iron chaos.

When your iron deficiency is NOT an iron deficiency

If you’ve got iron issues……….but you do eat iron containing foods, odds are your problem is NOT too little iron, but too much hepcidin, thanks to too much insulin

placenta waving iron good bye as it crosses into baby

Why it’s important to cut the cord ON TIME

Mother Nature knows, babies need lots of iron, so she provides a little stash of iron deep inside the placenta, cutting the cord early, cuts baby’s supply.

The RISKS of iron supplementation

Beta cells being pelted by iron molecules

Unlocking the Hidden Dangers of Iron Supplements

The extra iron in an iron supplement spills into the circulation. It’s DANGEROUS, so clearing it is a priority. Beta cells help but at a price. Supplement wisely !

iron supplements in kids

What happens when a baby gets too much iron ?

The amount of iron in human breast milk, is deliberately kept low. The amount of iron in baby formula, is deliberately high. This mismatch has consequences.

iron supplements

Supplementing on iron biscuits ends up feeding the wrong kids

You only absorb the iron that YOU NEED. So, extra iron heads down south and the gut residents, get to feast on the leftovers. And feast they do…

iron brain function

Too much iron can turn your child into a dunce

Babies fed iron enriched formula, in the absence of iron deficiency, end up performing worse on standardised tests of cognitive performance at the age of 10.

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