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 Better Body Chemistry with Iron

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The amount of iron in human breast milk, is deliberately kept low. The amount of iron in baby formula, is deliberately high. This mismatch has consequences.
Mother Nature knows, babies need lots of iron, so she provides a little stash of iron deep inside the placenta, cutting the cord early, cuts baby’s supply.
A urinary tract infection is definitely unpleasant. But, before you reach for the antibiotic, you might want to try something really simple.
You only absorb the iron that YOU NEED. So, extra iron heads down south and the gut residents, get to feast on the leftovers. And feast they do…
Iron accumulates inside the human body, especially the brain. Iron and oxygen don’t mix....... the combination leads to rusty parts and serious breakdowns.
When an iron pump in the pancreas runs full steam for too long, beta cells die and diabetes begins. Turning the pump down, is enough to stop diabetes.
Babies fed iron enriched formula, in the absence of iron deficiency, end up performing worse on standardised tests of cognitive performance at the age of 10.
If you’re suffering from metabolic syndrome – maybe it is time to let the iron out and bring down your blood pressure by giving a little blood.
Bacteria need iron to grow, so iron levels are ALWAYS kept low, except during STRESSFUL moments, when iron is made available……. bacteria come out to play

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