Do You Feel Exhausted All the Time?
Discover a potential source of your fatigue so you can Reclaim Your Energy

You could have a functional iron deficiency

The fatigue you're experiencing isn't just in your head, and unfortunately it can't be fixed with a pill. If you're one of the many seeking answers, welcome to IronCheck – your science-based pathway to explore and better understand one of the potential reasons behind your fatigue and take back control of your health.

We're not here to sell you a pill; we're here to empower you to discover what's truly happening inside your body.

IronCheck is your personal guide to understanding your blood work and uncovering potential functional iron deficiencies.

Developed with the insights of medical professionals and simplified for everyday use, IronCheck empowers you to take control of your health. Decode the cryptic numbers on your blood test results and gain a clear understanding of what they mean for your iron levels. IronCheck breaks down complex medical jargon, making it accessible to anyone. Armed with knowledge, you can have informed conversations with your healthcare provider about your iron status. IronCheck bridges the gap between you and your medical team, ensuring the best possible care. Take the first step towards a healthier you with IronCheck. Your health is too important to leave to chance.


IronCheck is not just a worksheet; it's your partner in the journey to better health. It's a tool that simplifies the complex world of medical data and gives you the power to understand your iron levels like never before. No more confusion. No more guessing. Just clarity and the ability to take action

Reasons to choose IronCheck:

  • Real Answers: Stop the guesswork and get real answers about your fatigue
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from a science-based approach without the supplement hype.
  • Peace of Mind: Say goodbye to frustration and fear, and embrace empowerment.
  • Accessible with Required Bloodwork: IronCheck is designed to provide insights based on your iron panel. Ensure you have the necessary bloodwork done to unlock the full benefits.
  • Actionable Insights: Receive valuable information to address your specific needs in collaboration with your healthcare provider.
  • Immediate Access: Get started right away – no waiting, no appointments.


By actively engaging with  IronCheck, you will unlock a transformative journey towards better iron health.  You'll be empowered to address iron-related issues effectively. 

Invest in your health TODAY

Unlock the Power of IronCheck and Transform Your Life.


We understand how frustrating and exhausting it can be to feel constantly tired, and we're here to support you. IronCheck is born out of our deep concern for people like you and our expert insight into the science. We've noticed that functional iron deficiency often goes unnoticed in routine medical care. It's become clear that there's a gap in awareness, and we're dedicated to bridging that gap to help you regain the vitality and peace of mind you deserve.

You deserve to feel happier & healthier



P.S. Remember, investing in this valuable information is investing in clarity and empowerment. Don't let this opportunity slip away – join us now and uncover the path to understanding the role of iron in your fatigue, allowing you to take control of your health!

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Understand your health without the confusion.
Science based
No magic pill promises—just practical, science-based advice.
Action Plan
Take control of your health with a tailored strategy.
Instant Access
Start your journey immediately, no waiting required.

Don't let fatigue rule your life any longer. The path to understanding and reclaiming your energy begins now. Join the IronCheck community and take the first step toward a brighter, more energetic future.


Why should you trust me ?

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Here is a quick introduction about me so you can decide if I am someone you want to listen to.  I have  PhD in pharmacology and I taught at various tertiary institutions for years, before setting out on my own as a health blogger.  What sparked  the move away for the formal academic world was my own health crisis.  I had a nervous breakdown, literally a nerve in my eye packed up, leaving me with double vision.  As I looked into the science, in search of answers………….. I discovered that most of the information pertaining to health is WRONG.  Sometimes it’s just out of date, the science has moved on.  Sometimes the science has actually been there for years, but it didn’t fit the paradigm – so it went UN-NOTICED.   Or put another way.  No one could make money out of it, so it was  forgotten/swept under the rug.  When I got my own health more or less back on track, I felt motivated to share the information with others and founded BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY, where I inspire and empower ordinary people from all around the world to make the small lifestyle changes that help them create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY and BETTER HEALTH. 

On an average day I spend 2-3 hours exploring scientific journals looking for "answers" to what causes insulin resistance and how to fix it.  I take the science that I discover and simplify it, so that it is accessible to ordinary people.  Science is always moving and changing as new things are discovered. I believe that the answer to the vast majority of our health troubles lies in THE BIOLOGY.  And that if you understand the principles, you can find solutions. 


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What is IronCheck?

IronCheck is a science-based tool designed to help individuals assess their iron health. It provides a comprehensive worksheet that simplifies the interpretation of blood test results related to iron levels.

How does IronCheck work?

IronCheck guides you through the process of understanding your iron panel results. You'll input your test data into the worksheet, and it will provide insights and recommendations based on the science behind iron health.

Is IronCheck suitable for everyone?

While IronCheck can be helpful for individuals experiencing unexplained fatigue, it's essential to have had the necessary bloodwork, including a full iron panel, to benefit fully from the tool.

How do I access IronCheck?

Once you purchase IronCheck, you'll receive immediate access to the digital worksheet. You can start using it right away to gain insights into your iron health.

Can IronCheck diagnose medical conditions?

IronCheck is not a diagnostic tool. It provides insights and information based on your test results, which should be discussed with your healthcare provider for a professional evaluation.

What if I have questions or need assistance?

We're here to help! If you have any questions or encounter issues while using IronCheck, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team.

Can I share my results with my healthcare provider?

Absolutely! IronCheck is designed to provide you with insights to discuss with your healthcare provider. It can be a valuable tool for initiating conversations about your iron health. We also provide references to reputable scientific journals and articles that you can share with your physician, which can help facilitate productive discussions and informed decisions about your health.

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What people are saying...

"I never thought I'd be struggling with something as simple as climbing a flight of stairs. After COVID, my fitness plummeted, and my doctor couldn't pinpoint the issue. It felt like a never-ending battle until I discovered IronCheck. Following their worksheet, I realized my iron levels were the hidden culprit. I had a functional iron deficiency that no one had noticed. With the right treatment, including an iron infusion, I regained my strength and vitality. Thanks to IronCheck, I'm back to my active self!"
I've battled fibromyalgia for years, and I'd undergone countless tests, but no one ever mentioned my iron levels as a potential problem. IronCheck changed everything. Working through their worksheet, I saw that my iron levels were far from optimal. Armed with this insight, I approached my healthcare provider, and together we developed a plan to address my iron deficiency. While I may not be cured of fibromyalgia, I'm coping much better, and it's all thanks to IronCheck's eye-opening approach.

Please note that individual results with our health product may vary. While we've designed it to provide guidance and support, it's important to understand that we cannot guarantee specific outcomes. Your personal health journey is influenced by various factors, including your unique health condition and lifestyle. We strongly recommend consulting a healthcare professional before making any significant changes to your health regimen. Your health is a collaboration between you and your healthcare provider. Testimonials from other customers are their personal experiences and may not reflect your individual results.